A Gentleman of Istanbul Passed Away

I’m at an impasse with words to describe my feelings. A person I look up to has lost his battle for his life at the age of 48 leaving a hole in his friends’ and loved ones’ hearts.

“Henry Çiprut”.

A father,

Preserver of “Ladino” or as he prefers to call it “Judeo Espanol”,

One of the founders of Online Platform that fights antisemitism – @avlaremoz

An activist for multiculturalism, animal rights, minority rights and women rights,





Team player,

Istanbul Lover,



Public speaker,

A role model;

A gentleman… A friend…

You left us too early. You will be missed but not forgotten. 

About the Author
Jack E. Civre was born as a Jew in Turkey Istanbul in 1985. He studied Engineering. During his University years he started being involved in Public Diplomacy and Politics.