Josia Nakash
Founder, Good Vibe Agency

A Good Investment in Israel for President Trump 

Dear President Trump,

Our neighbors are not so pleased about you “slashing $200M in aid to the Palestinians”. But here is a good alternative for what you can do with those funds.

Israel is sitting on the most valuable thing in the world, the method of connection that the entire world is waiting to receive. As a businessman, you will probably dismiss this subject as “nonsense” and not worthy of your attention. That would be a mistake.

The connection method that Israel is destined to provide to the world, holds the key to fixing everything that is currently wrong in our world. It is the key to peace in this region, and getting the entire world back into balance.

However, there is one slight problem, the method must be applied first and foremost in Israel. Israelis must overcome the growing divisions in society and return to their traditional values of brotherly love and unity. The method of connection was passed down throughout the generations, and we are the first generation that is sophisticated enough to use it.

Yet today we are far closer to having American values than realizing our true identity, which our forefathers developed with us in mind. The fact that we are here in this special land that was given to us to carry out a very specific spiritual mission, and are still focused on being like the rest of the world, is a huge problem. This is actually the main cause of all the chaos in the world.

Up until now, you have been a very good friend of Israel and I sincerely hope this will continue. But I wanted you to be aware that we are sitting on something extremely vital to the world, and we are not sharing it. Part of the reason is that most Israelis are not even aware of their role in global affairs. They think the world only needs our technology. But it’s actually another type of code that can bring far more benefit to the world.

Let me put this another way: Israel is sitting on the biblical code that it has been deciphering for thousands of years, for the time when humanity would need it. That time has arrived. But people would rather stay focused on our future of artificial intelligence and other advanced innovation, which mostly comes from Israel.

Mr. President, the world is right before a major transition into unchartered waters. I have a feeling you are aware of this, and as a successful businessman, you are cutting back wherever you can.

Since our country is very much dependent on you, I hope you will demand that Israel start providing what the world really needs, and begin the process of correcting the world right away.

Jesse Bogner is a millennial American author who has been teaching the connection method to young Americans visiting here on various programs, and he also explains the method in his articles.

Here is a quote from Jesse Bogner’s The End of Human Suffering: How Connection Can Cure Everything:

“I have discovered a very useful tool to combat the serpent inside us. This tool allows us to tap into our collective wisdom and intuition, bypassing our negative nature. This method consists of discussion circles where people from diverse backgrounds discuss complicated issues to come to mutual solutions that are possible through connection in a roundtable workshop.

The rules of the workshop are very simple. One person asks a question about a practical problem that plagues them and the others in the circle do their best to answer the question and listen to the answers of the other people with their whole heart, as opposed to their minds. It is important for the people in the circle to never criticize the other person, or reject what the person has to say. There are no interruptions, all one must do is listen. By making this small annulment of the ego, the circle almost always comes to a new understanding. A new force that was just an hour earlier hidden from reality comes to the surface. It becomes clear that out of this connection and a desire towards mutual dependence, we have the power to transform ourselves to understand and love each other. We become the owners of this force that has the power to transform the nature of man.

In a corrected world, we would recognize the importance of this structure and what we could learn from the wisdom of the circle. It would be self-evident that the cloud of our ego is preventing our fulfillment, blinding us from the wisdom of our hearts. It would be clear to all that the very structure of the world is a corrupted system that requires new ways of thinking and strategies to return to compassion. And while things may improve from time to time, none of these improvements will have any meaning as long as we are enslaved to our wiring that tells us to destroy others for our own benefit.

President Trump, ever since you took office, Israel has been living under a false sense of security. We feel we have this new “uncle” in the White House, who is our good friend, and there is nothing to worry about. Everything is ‘business as usual’ between our two countries. America is giving us all the things we are used to receiving.

But what are we giving the world in return?

About the Author
Josia Nakash made Aliya from Canada at the age of 12 on a 28-foot Cape Dory sailboat. She loves sharing all the good Israel has to offer the world. Josia has a BA in International Relations and Political Science. She was the IDF's second female sniper instructor and is a top marketing consultant and copywriter.