A Jewish Prayer for the Muslim Holy Month Of Ramadan

This prayer is inspired by my experiences at Roots/Shorashim/Judur, an organization dedicated to bringing greater understanding between Israelis and Palestinians through face-to-face interaction. For more information, visit our site and follow us on Facebook.

A Hebrew version of the prayer can be found here.

A Jewish prayer for the Muslim month of Ramadan

Heavenly Father, Creator of the universe who fashioned every human being in his own image –
Have mercy on your believers the Muslims who walk in the way of Muhammed their prophet and who sanctify for You this month of Ramadan with fasting, prayer, character improvement, and the recitation of their holy Scripture the Koran.

Help them during this month of Ramadan to purify their hearts to serve You in truth. Let peace reign among them, between husband and wife, between parents and children, between brother and sister, and between each person and his or her fellow.

Encourage those who are fasting and those who are not fasting to accept each other in love. Lighten the burden on those who are fasting during these long, hot days that they may not suffer nor lose their patience.
We beseech You to put in their hearts love and fellowship towards your people Israel, as well as the honest desire to know and to understand your people Israel and our connection to this land, your holy land.

We beseech You further to put in the hearts of your people Israel love and fellowship towards your people Ishmael as well as the honest desire to know and to understand your people Ishmael, the holiness of their month of Ramadan, and their connection to this land, your holy land.

And may we all, both them and us, know that we but one family.

Give peace in your land and eternal joy to all its inhabitants – Amen.

About the Author
Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger resides in Alon Shvut Israel. He serves as the Director of Memnosyne Israel, promoting interfaith, bridge building projects betweens Israeli settlers and local Palestinians. As the Executive Director and Community Rabbinic Scholar of the Jewish Studies Initiative of North Texas, he also flies to Dallas, Texas once a month to teach adult education classes within the Jewish community and to spearhead interfaith dialogue.
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