Western Paris Attacked–So the Far Left Bashes the West

As a blogger on the liberal-left, if I were Israeli, I would vote Meretz or the Joint Arab List. I would support, alike, either a liberal “1-state-solution” of “one state for all its people” ; or a traditional “2-state solution”  Equally either one.

My American candidate is Bernie Sanders.

I give these “leftist credentials” only because there seems so much Left-wing West-bashing on social media in the aftermath of, all of things, a massive attack on the West.

Two examples of this bashing:

(1) The savaging the Western media for neglecting Beirut and Syria and Nigeria and Kenya and Baghdad for 15 hours.

But I am sorry. Paris was at peace. It was suddenly shockingly and massively attacked.

By contrast: the other places are in constant conflict — and their violence is massively covered by the Western media every single day of the year. But the bodies still warm in Paris when the Far Left’s merciless bashing and beating up of the West roared into action. It’s as if the West alone is exempt from being able to simply and humanly grieve.

(2) I have posted on Daish violence since it began more than a year ago. Again, the news media has reported the atrocities and massacres in Nigeria and Kenya and Baghdad, and on and on every single day — 365 days — of the year.

On Facebook I make posts on Daish’s attacks on the Third World constantly  and get no responses.

(This in contrast to the many responses when I post on the Occupation and Settlements.)

But when Daish attacks a place not in the Third World, but, say, Paris?

Then suddenly the Left massively does post on social media on ISIS violence — precisely in the Third World and places different from Paris.

Non-Paris places whose conflicts and violence and suffering the Western media constantly reports on, but Third World places where the Left itself usually precisely ignores it.

Forgive my cynicism, but I’ve watched this — the lack of  social media posts on horrific Daish attacks, on the Far Left, and the lack of comments on my own posts, for more than a year now. Again– so different from the affirmations when I post on, say, the Occupation.

The Left’s posts on ISIS third world violence are new. They are sudden. They are out-of-the-blue.  And they are at a saturation level.

And as far as I can see, this fundamental break and interruption from its general consistently past indifference and neglect of ISIS terrorism in the third world is only because of the attack on Paris.

And this precisely in order to indulge in another opportunity to reflexively bash the West for covering and mourning for Paris.

Again, even though the Western media covers violence and ISIS and terror in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Beirut, Libya, Kenya, and on and on, 24/7, 365 days a year.

While the Far Left shamefully has not. Until now. And now apparently only in order to savage and bash the West.

The West as victimseems unbearable to many of my fellow liberal leftists.

It seems even to embarrass the Far Left.

It is shameful — and my fellow-Leftists should be ashamed of themselves for their hypocrisy–what seems almost a reflexive instinct to make use of any excuse to indulge in their inexplicable loathing for and contemptible excuses for attacks on the West.

As if it was the West that caused people to abduct women and girls for wives and rape; to conduct mass Roman-style crucifixions; to behead innocents en masse; to try to exterminate religious minorities, to force victims, Nazi-style; to dig their graves en masse and climb in before shooting them (Nazi-style); to conduct mass crucifixions. As if the West  caused others to opt for savagery.

As if the West had made free human beings make this moral choice.

The idea that this is the fault of the West is offensive. Scandalous.

People who choose suicide-bombings of Red Crosses and Red Crescents and hospitals and civilian airliners, and make traveling internationally an necessarily  and labor- and time-intensive security obligation to prevent mass murder of families in the skies. 

It is not the West.

But almost as contemptible as this savagery are the privileged Far Leftists who tacitly defend these horrors as having “causes,” and who — blame the West. Just as contemptible as the the defenders and apologists and excuse-makers for the Nazis.

So: Peaceful Western Paris was viciously attacked. But the Left seems not to be able to bear that the West was a victim. So instead it uses this it to attack the Western media for reporting on the sudden unprovoked attacks on the West. And to do this, the Far Left suddenly gets a brand-new and totally out-of-the-blue interest in Daish’s attacks in the Third World. Something it almost totally ignored up to now. So it attacks the West’s media–and does it by ignoring the fact that the Western media reports on ISIS attacks in the Third World 365 days of the year.

About the Author
James Adler was born in Kentucky, now works in university libraries, and feels especially and intensely bound up with the fate of the Jewish people in the last hundred years, especially the Shoah, the rise of Israel "out of the ashes," and the accidental and mutually tragic collision with the Palestinians in the early and middle of the 20th century, continuing through today. He is happily married and the father of two teenagers.