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A Letter to Adolf Hitler

Imaginary scene: Yesterday, I received a time machine that sends letters to individuals in the past.

It has an operating system that lets you deliver letters to anybody you want, for a fee of $119.

I asked them if they could deliver a letter to Adolf Hitler, right before his decision to pursue politics in the1920’s.

He should be reading this right now.

This is what I said:

Dear Adolf Hitler, I am writing this to you in the year 2017.

I’m not sure how to begin.

Actually, I don’t really know what to say to you.

Do you know that you’re considered the most evil man on Earth?


Why did you have to kill us?

What did we do to you?

Now wait, Herr Hitler, you’re probably thinking I’m sending this letter to the wrong person because, you plainly wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.

But, please keep reading, this is crucial.

You are going to end up killing at least 6 million Jews one day.

To prevent that, I’m begging you to pause, please, and think before you end up engaging in politics.

Please, don’t stop reading.

Stop for a second.

Didn’t you want to pursue art?

That’s what you always wanted, remember?

Achtung! You wanted to be an artist!

Your father was the one who thought you should go into politics.

You didn’t want to.

I know they rejected you from an art school.

But how about trying to go into a different art school?

You have the talent.

Please, Adolf Hitler, don’t go into politics.

If you do, you will change the world in a negative way.

You will be remembered as the most vicious and evil man on Earth.

Germany will be ashamed of you forever.

Do you really want this for yourself?

Even while I am writing this, I’m having chills all over my body.

I am Jewish, and I was lucky to be born way after the war you had created.  Why? Because you would have killed me too, even though I’m innocent.

All Jews are humans, just like anyone else.

So, please, don’t kills us or torture us, or even think about it.

If one Jew does something bad, you shouldn’t blame the whole nation for it.

Adolf, you are probably so confused as to why I’m bringing up Jews.

It’s because, if you enter politics, the only thing you will end up accomplishing is attempted genocide.

Not only attempted genocide of Jews, but other innocent beings.

I’m willing to send you a lot of money, so you can live a happy and fulfilling life, if you’ll agree to change your mind and alter your course from any political office.

I will convert it to Austrian shillings (or whatever money you’re using.)

Money here in 2017 counts a lot more than the money in your time.

That way, even if I send you a couple thousand, it would be enough for you.

How much do you want?

From a desperate Jew.

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