Ron Diller

A Letter to all Gazans

Dear Gazans,

Let’s be honest, it’s highly unlikely Israel will make a deal with Hamas.  They want Israel to raise the white flag, pack up their bags and go home. This will not happen. By now Hamas should understand their foe, the power of the IDF and the anticipated results once they enter Rafah. Unfortunately, Hamas will only learn the hard way – by the sword.  Soon, they’ll taste complete defeat and given the boot from the IDF.

Israel will find the Hamas rats in Rafah whether in buildings or hiding in the tunnels – all will be leveled and eliminated. While the IDF is in Rafah, I believe they have the best chance to find the hostages.

We just started the month of Nissan (Jewish calendar), when the world was created (Exodus 12:1-2) culminating in the story of Passover, also known as Pesach. This story commemorates the liberation of the Israelites (Jews) who were enslaved by the Pharaoh of Egypt. Moses was chosen by G-d to lead the Jews to their homeland – Eretz Israel.  Before this occurred, Pharaoh refused to release the Jews, so G-d unleased a series ten deadly plagues onto the Egyptians until they let the Jews leave.

  1. Blood: The Nile River and all water sources in Egypt turned to blood, causing the fish to die, and making the water undrinkable.
  2. Frogs: Egypt was overrun by frogs, which infested houses, beds, and ovens.
  3. Lice: Dust turned into lice covering people and animals.
  4. Wild Animals: Hordes of wild animals roved all Egypt destroying everything in their path.
  5. Pestilence: A pestilence killed the livestock of the Egyptians, while the Israelites’ animals were unharmed.
  6. Boils: Painful boils afflicted the Egyptians and their animals.
  7. Hail: Hailstones mixed with fire rained down upon Egypt, destroying crops, trees, and buildings.
  8. Locusts: Swarms of locusts devoured any remaining vegetation, exacerbating the famine.
  9. Darkness: A thick darkness covered Egypt for three days, preventing people from seeing each other or moving about.
  10. Death of the Firstborn: The final plague resulted in the death of the firstborn in every Egyptian household, sparing only those whose doorposts were marked with the blood of a sacrificed lamb.

As further testimony to Hashems miracles, only the province of Goshen, where the Jews lived, was immune from the ten plagues.

Finally, Pharaoh relented and allowed the Jews to leave Egypt. They departed hastily, not even allowing time for their bread to rise. This led to the tradition of eating unleavened bread, known as matzah, which serves as a reminder to Jews of Hashem’s miracles that saved their lives and delivered freedom to the Jewish people.

Hamas and other terror organizations lack the understanding of the mite of Hashem and what is in store for them in the near term. They too will meet their ultimate destruction as did the Egyptians.

The Biden Administration and other government officials worldwide are opting to vote for Hamas thinking we should have pity for them. Really, government officials are hiding behind their deep-rooted antisemitic hatred toward Jews. Biden is putting Israel, a US long term ally, under the bus shackling their ankles hanging aid over Israel to get to them to stop their mission and military objectives putting Israel at greater risk.

Biden is jockeying for the Arab vote and Obama, who is working behind the scenes for Biden, is the one maneuvering Joe. Obama was always on the side of Muslims. He showed his true feelings for Israel when he was first elected in 2009, going to Cairo University (Al Azhar) to speak before Egyptian government officials instead of the Israeli Knesset. He was the first US president ever to do something so bold like this.

Under no circumstance can Biden afford losing the Jewish vote who are historically long time Democrats.  Biden and the world can scream all they want after we enter Rafah but be sure they’re in joy (behind the scenes). When the chips are down, I don’t believe Biden will turn his back on Israel – especially during his run for the presidency.

Readers should listen to Mosab Hassan Yousef speak being interviewed by Dr. Phil .  His father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, is a Hamas co-founder who spent years in Israeli prisons.  In recent interviews, Mosab claims that Hamas views all their supporters as idiots. He went on to say that Hamas has no need for them and would opt for killing them to defend their cause. He said the Palestinians should be thanking the IDF’s steadfast commitment to rid the Hamas cancerous poison. When Hamas is removed, the Gazans have a chance to make new and better life for their families.

We all know that Iran is main culprit using Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis as their proxies to fight the war against Israel.

As I have said many times, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is the Fatah movement in disguise, once called the Palestinian Liberation Movement. They’re no better than Hamas who share the same hatred for Jews and their annihilation. Having the PA run the affairs in Gaza is not even a remote possibility for Israel – just more of the same garbage with more corruption, hatred of Jews and promoting terror throughout their education system against Israel.

Israel needs to reach out to moderate Arab countries in the Gulf states, who have a zero tolerance for terrorism and extremism. They’d be the ideal ones to create a united Arab multinational force to govern Gaza. As time would progress, they could consider integrating Gazans, who align with their cause who would not a pose threat to the newly established government. The new global coalition, having boots on the ground, are the ideal ones to manage the invested funds to rebuild Gaza.

Just look at what Hamas has done since October 7th to the Gazans. They stationed their armed terror groups in hospitals, schools and other similar institutions putting their citizens at risk, especially sick patients in hospitals.  Gaza is in ruins. They lost their homes and so many died on account of Hamas using them as human shields.

On March 18, the IDF troops reentered Al-Shifa hospital and captured some 900 suspects, of which more than 500 were terror operatives and more than 200 Hamas gunmen were killed. IDF killed and detained top Hamas and Islamic Jihad commanders. News agencies reported that 22 patients died during this second raid at Al-Shifa – all at the expense of Hamas.

IDF soldiers in Gaza found books of Mein Kampf, other books supporting 9/11 in empty apartments. Hamas steals humanitarian aid and resells to Gazans at inflated prices far above market. Meanwhile Gazans remain hungry, poor, and destitute without a permanent roof over their heads. Those who dear to defy Hamas are killed including their family.

Gazans, you have a short window to get out of Rafah. Go and don’t look back. Support the IDF and help them tear apart Hamas, a sick demented terrorist regime limb by limb. All their leaders will be found and killed. Join the winning team.  Take advantage of this lull and leave Rafah. Release yourselves from bondage. You are nothing more than hostages and prisoners of Hamas.  Unleash your handcuffs and jump on this rare opportunity to gain freedom. Stop putting your lives at risk. Don’t watch your lives crumble way. The IDF awaits you.

About the Author
Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.