Sharon Powell

A Letter to My Fellow Human Beings

Along with numerous others, I love the TV show Firefly. However, I always skip the episode about the terrifying Reavers. The Reavers are an experiment gone terribly wrong. In attempt to root out aggression from humanity, the Alliance’s drugs created despicable monsters who rape, maim, and kill their fellow men without a shred of compunction.

I thought about the Reavers when I learned about Black Saturday, the terrorist attack in Israel on October 7th. The Hamas butchers acted exactly in the same spine-chilling manner. They attacked peaceful citizens, killing, raping, burning human beings alive – including a baby in an oven like a piece of soulless meat! – and kidnapping 240 innocent people.

Personally, I chose not to see the devasting videos of these events, but perhaps you need to see them. Otherwise, I can’t explain why any human being in his right mind sides with these monsters. Many of you hide behind the Jihadists’ bogus propaganda that claims that this is about a land dispute, conveniently forgetting that the Jews are the indigenous people of Judea. Many of you say you side with the Palestinians, blinding yourself to their true situation, effectively being permanent hostages of terrorists who use them as human shields and prevent them from ever leaving their hellish existence. Some of you are despicable enough to admit that you want all the Jewish people to die, to be exterminated for something they believe in, something they were born into just like you were born a Christian or a Muslim, or any other belief system.

Let’s stop the bullshit and rip off the masks.

This war is about good versus evil.

To judge a person by their thoughts, beliefs, or the actions of its ancestors ignores the most important essence of our humanity. As human beings, we choose how to act at any given situation, and judgment should only come on the basis of how we acted. Most of us are decent people who, through trial and error, try to live our best lives. Most of us choose to propagate because of the belief that children are our future. Their wonderous innocence and ignorance of evil is what makes them precious to us more than anything else, because they remind us who we used to be and that existence can be joyous and peaceful.

Such beautiful, perfect little creatures have been slaughtered by Hamas terrorists. Such innocent, small cherubs are now being kept in the dark tunnels where the terrorist live, scared out of their minds, unable to grasp where mommy and daddy is, why have they been taken from their homes, and how to deal with the very real monsters all around them, monsters who hit, abuse, and murder at the drop of a hat.

Where are you, you who claim to be humanitarians, fighters for women’s and children’s rights, for citizens who were stripped of their basic human rights? Why are you silent or worse, why are you letting yourself believe the lies and propaganda of the true evil lurking behind all this? I won’t say they’re coming for you, too, because they already have – or have you forgotten a little thing called 9/11? Radical Islamists lie behind the terrorist attack in Israel just like it lay behind the brutal attacks of 9/11. Israel and the Palestinians are mere puppets in the bigger war, the desire of the Jihadists to end the sinful ways of the West and force everyone to convert to Islam – or else!

No adequate response by the U.S. was ever given to the 9/11 terrorists, no proper punishment ever prescribed. The terrorists are much emboldened by what they perceive as the great weakness of the West – our pathetic failure to judge and act according to that judgment. Multiculturalism and our PC culture has muddled our brains so that we can’t tell good from evil. So, let me help you see things more clearly.

This time, children were attacked, not adults in the workplace. And as horrifying as 9/11 was – and who hasn’t seen the videos of the poor victims of that terrorist attack jumping off the Twin Towers instead of being burned alive?! – the terrorist attack in Israel was even worse. Grow a pair and go see the videos of what happened on any Hamas social media channel, abominable videos these monsters proudly brag about. I dare you! Because it’s time to pick a side. You’re either on the side of the vicious monsters or you’re on the side of their poor, innocent victims. The fact that you’re human necessarily means you have no choice but to choose a side. To abstain from judgment is the same as siding with these animalistic butchers.

I assure you that we, the good people, whether be Jews or otherwise, were on your side and outraged on your behalf after 9/11. That day, Americans were seething with indignation and burning for justice. Why does the massacre in Israel make you feel any differently? Israelis and Jews worldwide are left feeling perplexed and hated as you turn against us instead of side with us with a deafening outcry for justice.

Your actions right here and now are what make up our world. Each and every one of us is shaping history. And whether you have children or not, we all model behavior for the next generation. Your actions let them know what kind of world this is, what kind of world it will be for them and their offspring. I suggest you act in a manner of which you can be proud.

About the Author
Sharon Powell was born and raised in Israel. She spent most of her adult years in the U.S. and Canada, studying history and philosophy, and honing her writing skills. Ms. Powell is an award-winning novelist writing under the pseudonym Shar Lemond. She has published a few novels and is currently working on a TV show. Her hobbies include opera, fine art, and Zumba.
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