Anat Ghelber
Some people call me Ana

A letter to those who hate Jews

It’s 12:00 a.m.

I’m writing this after reading typical anti-Semitic remarks online…and I’m completely heartbroken, at the end of my rope.

I, and every Jew in the world, haven’t done anything wrong, except been born Jewish. I’m a person, just like everyone else.

I’m not better than you.

You’re not better than me.

So many nations do terrible things, but all you do is blame Jews all the time.

I just don’t get it, it makes me wanna cry.

This is ridiculous.

How long is it gonna keep going on for?

How long are people like you going to keep hating Jews?

Again, we’re people just like anyone else.

Some of us are nice.

Some us are not.

Whether we are good or bad people has nothing to do with being Jewish, take the “Jewish” away.

Treat a person individually, not based on their heritage.

Being Jewish is not a crime.

Being Jewish doesn’t make you good or bad.

Just…STOP posting hate messages about the Jewish people.

I swear to Heaven, if you don’t stop it, I’m going to go Jewish mother on you.

OH and those horrible pictures that you post of us!

Those disgusting cartoon pictures with big noses that make us Jews look like ugly witches…are totally ridiculous.

Do you know how many Jews out there look Aryan?

How many Jews out there have blonde hair and blue eyes?

In fact, there are so many non-Jews who look like those so-called pictures that you post of Jews.

There are so many non-Jews with curly hair and big noses, who don’t have ANY Jewish heritage in them.

You know what I think?

I think that you’re just jealous because we invent.

You’re jealous because we’re intelligent.

You’re jealous because we’re creative and I guess posting mean things about Jewish people is a form of therapy for you, isn’t it?

Shut up.

Shut up!!

You’re a FREAK who’s obsessed with putting down Jews all the time.

Stop it already with your anti-Semitism.

You say, “Oh, Jews control the world.”

Boo-hoo cry me a river!!

Yes, I’m speaking to all of you who preach hate!

I’m speaking to all of you so-called geniuses who say the Holocaust never happened.

I’m the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, so don’t you DARE to get me started.

Just because you’re a loser doesn’t mean you have to go around making Jews look bad.

We don’t tell you what to do.

We don’t do anything bad to you.

Whoever told you we control the world definitely isn’t the smartest person around the block.

We don’t control the world.

If we DID control the world we wouldn’t allow you, yes, YOU, to speak with such hatred about Jews.

If we controlled the world the Holocaust NEVER would have happened.

If we controlled the world, the killing of so many innocent Jews around the world wouldn’t have happened.

You anti-Semitic freaks really need to take a close look in the mirror and grow up. If you want something, get it.

Work for it.

We are not going to stop you.

Stop blaming Jews for your failure.

And PLEASE stop hating on us, its annoying.


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