A lot can change in a year

A year ago, I stood at the Ammunition Hill Light Rail stop in Jerusalem every week on my way to volunteer in the Old City while studying at the Hebrew University. Just a week ago, it was the site of a deadly terrorist attack. This put things in perspective for me.

Terror attacks over the past week have been on the rise all over Israel, but in particular in Jerusalem. Jerusalem, the city I called home for a year.The greatest year of my life, how could it not be? I was immersed in the culture and life of the Israeli people. I discovered Jerusalem to be the most incredible city I have ever had the pleasure to visit.

I have never wanted to be back in Jerusalem more than I do right now. This may sound crazy to many people. Why would you want to leave the comfort and security of the United States and head to a place where there are constant terrorist threats? The answer is quite simple; Israel has and continues to be at the center of who I am as person. I stand with Israel and her people. How could I not want to be there in this time of trouble?

“I have set watchmen upon your walls, Jerusalem, they will never be silent day or night.” (Isaiah 62:6) It has never been more apparent to me than now, that I am a watchman for Jerusalem, for Israel and for the Jewish people. Though I write this article from thousands of miles away, I will use my voice to speak out about what is happening. Just two days ago,two Israelis died at the hands of terrorists. Sadly, some people rejoiced in their deaths. Murder should never be celebrated.

The soldier who was stabbed in Tel Aviv could have been one of my friends currently serving in the Israel Defense Force. It breaks my heart. He was 20 years old. He was my sister’s age.

The killing of innocents is never justified and only makes it harder for Jews and Palestinians to live alongside each other. This violence is incited out of hatred and when hatred enters the equation, rationality is lost.

A year ago, I walked the streets that have become the latest scene of terror attacks. Israel, you are in my prayers. I will not be silent day or night.

About the Author
Hannah is currently an MA student in Middle Eastern Studies at Hebrew University. Graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Jewish Studies and History, where she started the first Pro Israel Christian organization on campus. Hannah is a proud voice for Israel wherever she goes.