A Marketing Ode to EL AL in Honor of Israel’s 69th Independence Day

Yes yes… we all know the jokes. EL AL stands for “Every Landing, Always Late.”
Or how about this one…
EL AL air host says to passenger: “Excuse me would you like a meal?”
Pasenger: “What are my choices?”
Air host: “Yes or No!”

But seriously. Whether you love or hate EL AL as an airline, one area it hasn’t received enough accolade is for having the world’s BEST tagline (slogan). There are not many companies who have more than one official tagline. Some big name companies change slogan’s from time to time, but the main ones live and breathe by their recognized brand. In fact, here is an interesting article by Lindsay Kolowich | @lkolow about,“22 Companies With Really Catchy Slogans & Brand Taglines.” Again, what is noticeable is how unchanging and recognizable they are.

So what is so clever about EL AL’s tagline? It is the fact that the Hebrew one they use in Israel is totally different to the English one they use everywhere else in the world. It is NOT a direct translation.

IN ISRAEL: The tagline literally means “The most at home in the world.” It is meant to appeal to the travelling Israeli, who needs reminding that no matter where they roam in the world, there is no place like Israel as their home and no airline better for getting them there like EL AL.

IN “CHUL” OR OUTSIDE ISRAEL: The tagline used is, “It’s Not Just an Airline, It’s Israel.” It is meant to appeal to the Zionist inside all of us. To remind us all that when you fly EL AL you are not just flying any airline, you are supporting the State of Israel. Now come on, tell me your warm fuzzies aren’t buzzing?

In short, EL AL by using 2 different taglines (slogans) has subtly appealed to their audience in the most engaging way. It is pure genius and definitely deserves a Kifak Hey (high five) on this 69th Independence Day. May EL AL and the State of Israel continue to go from strength to strength and continue to lead in all areas of technology, innovation and world-class marketing 🙂

I am a marketing expert, specializing in social media consulting through my company Zoecialmedia.com. I am also an entrepreneur of my own 2 startups, passionate about creating solutions that solve everyday problems for parents. Check out my app, KiddyUP, which helps parents share and find local activities, products and services for their kids and No-Tipz my patented stroller anti-tipping accessory.

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