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I’m not going to hold back on this post. There’s been way too much pretending and looking the other direction for far too long now. While PM Netanyahu hasn’t made the outlandish offers that PM Barak and PM Olmert have (that we know of, and isn’t that part of the problem), the news leaking its way out is horrendous.

We are promised a platform by the party we vote for and are instead given token measures that don’t amount to a hill of beans. Announcements are made and rescinded a week later. Approvals are given in an endless cycle of approvals that mean absolutely nothing in actual actions taken. If by some small miracle a law is actually passed, it is not supported by the Attorney General and is eventually shot down by the Bagatz.

We read today that the current wave of terrorist attacks are being orchestrated by murderers that were released in the Gilad Shalit “deal”. Did our “leaders” really think that sending them to Turkey or Gaza would stop their efforts to kill us? Did we learn anything from this?

photo credit: Ministry of Tourism
photo credit: Ministry of Tourism

We also read that the Americans are going to put on a full court press to demand, among other things, a framework deal that includes internationalization of the Holy City. When have the nations EVER fulfilled their roles as designed and agreed upon? Livni should be hanging her head in shame at the results she was instrumental in arranging in having UN peacekeepers in Lebanon after the last war there. Did they stop a single weapon coming from Syria or Iran? Worse than that, why would the winning party put her in charge of negotiations again?

photo credit: AP/Karl DeBlaker/File
photo credit: AP/Karl DeBlaker/File

Further, there are reports that the PM is going to demand Jonathan Pollard’s release as part of the terms for agreeing to this framework debacle. Gee thanks. Are you trying to tell me that our intelligence systems didn’t know that the US was spying on us before Snowden’s treasure trove was released? Of course they knew! The only difference is that now the public knows it also. I want Pollard released, but not at the cost of losing the Old City. It feels just like every other step of the way. Release terrorists with blood on their hands and give initial approval for a few more housing units.

We will not stand for this any longer. The MK’s, Ministers and Cabinet members have a duty to us, the nation and to God before they have a duty to the coalition. When I see UTJ and Moshe Feiglin voting for the Jerusalem bill and no one else, that tells me exactly who I can trust in this government. Stepping out of the plenum for the vote doesn’t cut it, you may as well have voted no – it’s the same thing.

This is not a game. We don’t have the luxury to play politics any longer. I will support those that do the right thing not say the right thing. I hope you will also.

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