Joanna Harris

A Month of War

It has been over a month since the Hamas massacre where 1,400 civilians were killed, and 240 hostages were taken to Gaza.

Since the massacre, a barrage of rockets has been launched at southern and central Israel from Gaza. In total 9,500 rockets have been launched at Israel from Gaza.

If Israel did not have the Iron Dome and sophisticated technology, things would be very different right now.

A ground invasion is happening in Gaza and Israeli troops have entered Gaza City. The Shifa Hospital has also been surrounded by IDF. So far, 37 IDF soldiers have been killed since the start of the ground invasion.

At the moment, there are ongoing talks to release the hostages. So far five hostages have been released.

There is international pressure on Israel for a ceasefire, but Netanyahu has said there will not be a ceasefire until the hostages are released.

The situation is changing all the time and who knows what will happen tomorrow.

About the Author
Working in the hospitality/travel industry in Israel. Am into spirituality and go to lectures/classes on Jewish mysticism.