A note to the Palestinians

The state of Israel has been in existence for 70 years, close to three generations. Looking at the TV shots of the Palestinians on three consecutive days last week: Sunday – Jerusalem Day, Monday – American Embassy opening day and Tuesday – Nakba Day, the majority of the rioters and activists were under the age of 25 – the first generation. They were not yet born in 1948. The same goes for the second and even the third generations. The number of Palestinians who actually lived in what became Israel and who took active part in the demonstrations is probably very small, if at all. They would all be over the age of 70.

But the first, second and third generations have been very active over the past 70 years – in educating their children and grandchildren and now great-grandchildren to hate the Israelis, throw stones at them, set their fields on fire, murder them and do whatever damage they can. And they have succeeded. These grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the few who once lived in what became Israel, are all excellent slingshot shooters, stone throwers and incendiary kite builders not to mention knife wielders and worse. If any of these activities ever make the Olympic Games we will see Palestinian champions!

Every new generation is educated in the same way and they, in turn will teach their children and grandchildren how to hate Israelis with passion. And the legend of hatred will be handed down from generation to generation and read regularly as we read the Hagaddah and eat and sing every year about our freedom from Pharaoh 3500 years ago.

However, while the Palestinians rage, on this side of the fence the Israelis keep moving on at the frantic pace they set themselves on their Independence Day in 1948. They will devise new cell-phones that may be planted into the ears of newborn babes, they will invent new medicines and find cures for incurable diseases; they will win more Nobel prizes and, yes, build better weapons. They will fight and win more wars and make peace with more countries, create their own new water and breathe refreshed air and produce more food than they need so that they can help less fortunate countries. And the Palestinians will gather every year for Nakba Day and mourn and rage and relate the legend of how their great, great, great-ancestors once lived in big stone houses on Main Street and grew oranges in the fields around Jaffa.

It’s time to move on, Palestinians. All that you have achieved in the past 70 years is a return to the Stone Age. Every day that passes you drop further and further behind the world and your corrupt leaders grow richer and richer and continue to be wined and dined in the palaces of kings, prime ministers, and presidents. And every Nakba Day throws you deeper and deeper into your world of misery and hopelessness. And you do nothing to change things for yourselves. And nobody on this planet wants to help you.

There are some factors the Palestinians should consider: Israeli patience will not last forever. I know a non-Jewish man who lives in Israel. He belongs to a religious cult and is a great admirer of the Jews. He says, time after time, “Where do the Israelis get their patience from? A Palestinian stabs a man in the street. The victim dies and the murderer is brought to trial and sentenced to 15 or 20 years. If this was reversed and it was an Israeli that stabbed a Palestinian, the murderer would be hanging from a lamppost in the main square of the town. No trial at all.” A day may come when an Israeli mob goes on the rampage.

Something else the Palestinians should be thinking about: Israel will not always have the same government. We are a democratic country, remember, and we have elections for our government. Some years it is slightly left of center and other times right wing. Have you thought about life under an extreme right-wing government? For you this will be Nakba No 23.

And for Nakba No 24 I offer you the following scenario: Your sponsor, Iran or Turkey or Russia or whoever is financing you at the time, will quit. They will say something like this: “We send millions of dollars every month because you tell us that you are about to drive the Israelis off the land; that you are manufacturing intercontinental missiles that will reach America; that while you were digging another tunnel you struck oil.” No matter the reason, they will stop supporting you.

As for the myth currently being circulated by Hamas that they will outlive the Israelis no matter how long it takes, keep repeating it. It is a myth. Another one for your book of Nakba legends. In order to live for a hundred or a thousand years, you have to get through the first ten.

About the Author
Leon Moss grew up in South Africa and has lived in Israel for 35 years; He is a construction estimator by profession, and has been a freelance writer for the past 10 years, writing odd stories, articles and web content. Leon paints and works hard at being retired. He and his wife live in a retirement home in central Israel.