A Painter of Hope

Yoram Raanon & Mordechai Beasley
Yoram Raanon & Mordechai Beasley

Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is- Jackson Pollock

When the terror wave of arson struck Israel a couple of weeks ago,  my organization “Pizza2give” and “Connections Israel” combined our efforts. We began to raise money for all the soldiers, firefighters, policemen, and the civilians who were damaged by these attacks. We donated pizzas, warm clothing, and hot suppers for families. I want to tell you about a couple that we were able to help and donate to – Yoram and Meira Raanon.

Yoram and Meira Raanon live on the outskirts of Jerusalem on a moshav called Bet Meir. They have four children and six grandchildren, who are living in Israel. Yoram is an artist, working with acrylics, and his painting are in the forefront of Jewish expressionism. He has been painting for nearly 40 years. Sadly, his studio burned down in the attack on Beit Meir. Thank God no one was injured, but his whole life’s work, millions of dollars’ worth of paintings were lost.

I visited him last night with my Ima and brothers, and provide some assistance to the best of our ability with the support of the tremendous donors who donated through my organization. We were amazed to see how optimistic and cheerful they were. Both Yoram and Meira were in good spirits, happy, and had their eyes set for the future. They lingering in the past, crying over what was lost. Meira kept telling my Ima “Gam Zu Letovah” which means It’s all for the best. She told us that that night, Yoram was sleeping in the studio – fornutately, and she was able to call him and get him out of there. Yoram kept telling me that he is ready to continue his passion and continue painting. He can’t repaint the painting he lost, every artist knows that is impossible, but he is ready to paint and asked if anyone is interested in having him commission a painting for him.

My family and I really learned a lot from them, they are a model to us all. Their attitude “Gam Zu Letovah” Look at the bright side it’s all for the best, and their constant strive for a better future really inspired us. And with an amazing nation like ours, who care about one another and willing to help each other with an open heart – the future is very inspiring.

You are invited to browse Yoram’s transcendent work at his website at www.yoramraanan.com, and if you see something that you like, order a print – it is the highest level of tzedaka!


Mordechai Beasley

Founder of Pizza2give


About the Author
Mordechai Beasley is an officer in Israel's Gaza Brigade. He has served in Southern Command as well as bases in Judea and on the northern border. Studying for his business degree in Ariel University, Mordechai saw during the last conflict how many businesses located on the border had to close. Looking to strengthen the economies of the border regions and improving the morale of his soldiers, Mordechai founded "Pizza 2 Give" together with "Connections 2 Israel."