Tzemach Yehudah Richter
Tzemach Yehudah Richter

A Peace Plan In Progress – Section Five – Miracles On The Hudson I & II – And An Additional Miracle For The Name “Leah”


I know, it’s difficult to classify any terrorist attack as a “miracle”. But looking at the evidence and the potential for a much more violent attack that could have taken the lives of the 50 children in addition to others that were in that Yeshiva right next door to the Jersey City Kosher Store, it seems justified to refer to this attack as “Miracle On The Hudson II”.
But first a summary of “Miracle On The Hudson I-

Miracle On The Hudson I

In roughly one month, we will be marking the 11th anniversary of the “Miracle On The Hudson I”. To refresh your memory, it involved US Airways Flight 1549, with pilots Chesley Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles at the controls.

On January 15, 2009, their Airbus A320 struck a flock of Canada geese just northeast of the George Washington Bridge and consequently lost all engine power. These pilots realized no airport was close enough to attempt an emergency landing, so they glided the plane to a safe landing on the Hudson River which allowed enough time for the passengers to climb on to the wings and make their way to boats which carried them to safety.

That was quite an accomplishment and miracle if you think about it. An airplane, weighing many tons, floating on a river with enough time for everyone to escape. And at the end, only a few minor injuries were reported. Chesley Sullenberger became a hero along with his entire crew who prevented a major disaster.

An NTSB board member called the ditching “the most successful … in aviation history. These people knew what they were supposed to do and they did it and as a result, no lives were lost.”

The crew, especially Sullenberger, was praised, notably by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York State Governor David Paterson, who said: “We had a Miracle on 34th Street. I believe now we have had a Miracle on the Hudson.” U.S. President George W. Bush said he was “inspired by the skill and heroism of the flight crew,” and praised the emergency responders and volunteers.

Miracle On The Hudson II – The Jersey City Attack

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop : Gunmen wanted to target the yeshiva next door with 50 kids inside. If police hadn’t managed to trap shooters in the kosher store where 3 were killed, the result would have been ‘much worse’.

“My opinion is that as more info comes out it’ll become increasingly clear that the target was the 50 children at the Yeshiva attached to that store.” Fulop, who is Jewish, also tweeted: “We will never know 100% but the doorway to the yeshiva was 3 feet away + it seems he goes in that direction 1st.”

The victims killed in the store were: Leah Mindel Ferencz, 31, who with her husband owned the grocery; 24-year-old Moshe Deutsch, a rabbinical student from Brooklyn who was shopping there; and store employee Douglas Miguel Rodriguez, 49. A fourth person in the store was shot and wounded but managed to escape, authorities said.

This attack is being viewed as domestic terrorism in some circles.

Fulop later clarified his views to the New York Jewish Week, saying: “My job is different than the people that are doing the investigation. I do my best to say it how I see it.”

With the amount of weapons, including a pipe bomb and ammunition the attackers had, Fulop said, given the fact they drove deliberately to the Kosher Store, means that was their primary target“ “You put all things together, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion.”

And to underscore the fact the attackers came prepared for a major firefight, one attacker fired away with the AR-15-style rifle as he entered the store, while his partner brought a 12-gauge shotgun into the shop. They also had handguns with a homemade silencer and a device to catch shell casings. In all, they had five guns — four recovered in the store, one in the van.

Certain commentators felt that this was definitely a miracle from (the hand of) G-d. So again we have a reference to the number of fingers on one hand by looking at the evidence provided, which is that the attackers had five guns, four recovered from the store and one in the van, matching the way our four fingers are separated from the thumb.

A Third and Deeper Miracle Related To The Name “Leah”.

Around the same time as the first Miracle On The Hudson took place, the terrorist attack in Chabad House of Mumbai resulted in the loss of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his pregnant wife.

The following headline appeared in a TOI article earlier this month-

Moshe Holtzberg, son of Mumbai attack victims, celebrates bar mitzvah
‘The prayers of the people of India will continue to bless you for a long, healthy and successful life,’ Indian PM Modi says in letter to boy
Moshe’s parents Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg were the directors of the Nariman Chabad House when it was attacked on Nov. 26, 2008. Four other Israeli and American visitors to the house also were killed.

But in a Chabad article written shortly after the attack, the following is written-

Loss at Chabad Lubavitch of Mumbai, India
Our hearts are broken with the news of the loss of our beloved brothers Rabbi Gavriel and Leah Holtzberg OBM. Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife had their lives taken brutally by terrorists during the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. They left two children and one of them, Moshe, turned 2 last Saturday.


So I assume that Gavriel’s wife was called either Leah or Rivky. That seems to be the same reason that in some reports regarding the Jersey City attack, the owner of the Kosher Supermarket who was gunned down went by the name of either Mindel or Leah, because of the two names they were given.

We also must Not Forget The Poway Chabad Terrorist attack that resulted in the death of only one person – Lori Gilbert Kaye. Her Hebrew name was also Leah.

So we have three separate attacks, two in the US within the past 12 months, and one in Mumbai, India roughly 11 years ago that all involved a person who was referred to as Leah. The most deadly attack on Jews in the US took place in Pittsburgh slightly more than one year ago killing 11 and I found no one named Leah among those victims.

And now I will discuss why I think all of the above relating to the name of Leah can be classified as another miracle.

The Israel Ministry Of Foreign Affairs has listed all 1358 victims of Palestinian Violence And Terrorism since September, 2000 – at the following link-

I went through the whole list and found the following three victims named Leah through 2004-

Dec 2, 2001 -Leah Strick, 73, of Haifa, killed and 40 injured in a suicide bombing on an Egged bus No. 16 in Haifa shortly after 12:00. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

June 18, 2002 – 19 people were killed and 74 were injured – six seriously – in a suicide bombing at the Patt junction in Egged bus no. 32A traveling from Gilo to the center of Jerusalem. The bus, which was completely destroyed, was carrying many students on their way to school. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack – Among The Victims Leah Baruch, 59, of Jerusalem;

Nov 1, 2004 – Three people were killed and over 30 wounded in a suicide bombing at the Carmel Market in central Tel Aviv. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Nablus claimed responsibility for the attack, carried out by Amar Alfar, 18, from Askar refugee camp in Nablus. Among the victims – Leah Levine, 64, of Givatayim.

And then I continued to investigate and found that up until the last entry on this list which was made on September 17, 2019, no additional entry with the name Leah appeared.

In other words, if my investigation proves correct, no one with the name Leah was killed during a terrorist attack in Israel from 2005. Given the fact the name Leah is very common throughout the world, this fact alone must indicate something very unique that is taking place and I will continue my analysis in my next Blog.

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