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A Personal Energy Revolution in Israel Today – for our own Security!

Combined solar energy and water heater

A lack of distributed renewable energy generation in Israel – is a serious security issue in my opinion.

How can we afford to keep two large fossil fuel centralized power stations running when we are blessed with solar, wind, geothermal, and tidal energy.

When nearly every scientific opinion says that we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground because of global warming, why on earth are we digging for oil and gas all along the coast, threatening our nature reserves, and tying ourselves to the old order, preventing any change?

Nearly every house here in Israel has the infrastructure for solar panels on their roof, already, which not many other countries can boast to have. So why can we not replace our water heaters with a dual solar/water system, or purely solar energy to heat water as well?

Distributed systems in times of increasing frequency of natural disasters, not to mention wars and missiles, are a real life saver – life can go on, even after a disaster or war if we have distributed power generation, local urban farming, and much more recycling than today. The big open bins with cats, mattresses, microwaves, flat screen TVs. rotting vegetables, furniture and everything else you could possibly imagine including toxic batteries remind me of open sewers from the middle ages, but the Circular Economy is a topic for a separate post.

Shabbat Shalom, Andrew

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Andrew Deutsch wants to help society switch from a linear to a circular economy based on conservation of biodiversity, resources, and energy, to create a world where everyone can live a fulfilling, happy, and sustainable life, while enabling future generations to do the same.
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