A plea to the peace crowd

The tragedies that befall us on a continual basis are hard to endure. Each one straining on my heart in a way it never did when I lived in the US, with the exception of 9/11. Each and every one of these attacks, whether those that attempted them succeeded in their slaughter or not, are a personal attack on me and those that I love. It hurts.

It hurts even more to endure those of our own people who refuse to accept the reality that we live in. While their misguided programs and ideas feed the fire on the other side, they quickly blame each and every attack on us for not laying down and giving in on every point that Arafat, Abu Mazen or whomever the next Arab wolf in sheep’s clothing is.

It’s not that I don’t understand all of their arguments, I have spent literally hundreds of hours arguing the points back and forth. A lot of their arguments have merit, if they were viewed in a vacuum sealed glass jar. Surrounded by the loving kindness of the vacuum, their solutions seem to be the most humane way to deal with our dilemma. But as soon as you release the rarified air in that jar to the real atmosphere, it dissipates into nothingness, unable to exist in the real environment.

But into the real environment it must ultimately go. Here we have to look at what they say, to us as well as to their own people. We must examine their actions, their history, their goals and their motives. All of this is available quite easily online. To arrive at a determination we have to examine the whole picture. They’re going to be deficient in some of these areas, but are we seeing true movement in other areas? I’m not going to document here the many examples of them saying and acting as if this is a war being waged by them against us, but two very recent events point exactly to the fact that they’re in it for the win and not peaceful coexistence. Abu Mazen said flat out that he was negotiating just to get the prisoner’s released. Guess what, that’s exactly what he did, without the slightest hint of flexibility on virtually any issue. And last week, he couldn’t even bring himself to condemn the murder of Baruch Mizrahi. That says it all. I’m happy with his honesty and candor on the incident, I just wish those coddling the peace process would believe him.

Just because we don’t have a solution doesn’t mean that we put something worse in place just for the sake of trying.

Brothers and Sisters – including those in the government that are pushing an agenda against the mandate they were elected for, we cannot endure shooting ourselves in the foot any longer. Embrace reality.

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