DL Israel #3: Day by day, line by line

Taglit-Birthright Israel: Mayanot – Newsroom to Newsroom trip – Day One

After some time soaring through the sky
Our first day of birthright began up high
On Mount Arbel, a quick drive away.

The caves where the Jews did stay
Couldn’t stop death and taxes, as they say.

We scaled the cliffs then had to press on
To the park of Kazrin for a history lesson.

We discussed the history of Jews in this land
Then sampled some olives that tasted just grand!

On to a bunker by the Syrian border,
where some spy stories were in order;
Eli Cohen, the man who wore two masks
and other heroes who stepped up to their tasks.

It was a lengthy first day for Mayanot 103,
But we all knew there’s nowhere we’d rather be.

– Rochelle Bailis

About the Author
The Dateline Israel blog is written by participants in "Newsroom to Newsroom," a trip sponsored by Taglit-Birthright Israel: MAYANOT and geared for practitioners and students of journalism. They'll be blogging it like they see it throughout their tour, which lasts until January 10.