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By the Grace of G-d

A prayer

The following words from Psalm 55, written by King David, the “Sweet Singer of Israel,” are sung on the 19th day of Kislev, to commemorate the freeing of the Alter Rebbe, the first Lubavitcher Rebbe, from jail, where he was imprisoned for teaching Chassidus (deep, inner teachings of the Torah).

The Alter Rebbe later related, that as he was reciting Psalms, and he reached the words “He peacefully redeemed my soul,” he was “freed in peace, by G-d of peace.”

King David knew that his salvation was completely in G-d’s hands. This is reflected throughout the passage, from the first words “He peacefully redeemed my soul,” to his closing remarks “And I trust in You,”

(Psalm 55; 19)

He peacefully redeemed my soul from the battle against me, for many were with me.

Hear O Lord and answer them (those who are with me), He Who dwells from before (time), and forever; for they (the enemy) are not concerned about passing away, and they don’t fear G-d.

He (the enemy) sent his hands against those who had been peaceful; he broke his (peace) agreement.

His mouth spoke smoothly like butter, but war was in his heart, his words were softer than oil, but they are curses.

Throw your burden onto the Lord, and He will sustain you; He won’t allow the righteous to falter.

And You, O Lord, will take them down to a pit of destruction, men who shed blood and lie, they will not live half their days. And I will trust in You.

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