A prayer as we begin to re-emerge from the time of Corona

‏Dear Spirit of the Universe, Source of Life and  Love, Energy in the farthest Cosmos and deep Within –

You who has given us life, sustained us, and brought us to this moment:

Grant me the courage to open myself to the world gently, to unfold with cautious optimism, and to face the challenges ahead with loving kindness as I re-emerge from within.

Grant me the resilience to take the first steps out the door and into busy streets, to send my children off to school, to go to work, to see friends and not be afraid to one day hug them.

Grant me the wisdom to know the difference between sensible caution and irrational fear, to know when to offer help to those who need and to know when I am struggling and need to ask for help as well.

Grant me the memory to recall the sacredness of this time – how we lit more candles, how we helped each other from vast distances, how our priorities shifted, and how in some ways we spent more time together than we would in our ordinary lives.

Grant me the hubris to take it slow – to remember the vulnerable, and do all I can to protect them, to wear a mask and wash my hands, because we are in this together, and we are ALL vulnerable.

And grant me the gentleness to react slowly when I am angry, and swiftly when there are words of comfort that are needed, and to be especially kind to myself so I can be kind to others on this new path we are all walking together.

Thank You, Spirit of the Universe — Energy Within. And thank You for allowing me to feel that You are here beside me as I take one step in front of the other with everyone else.

About the Author
Sarah Tuttle-Singer, Times of Israel's New Media editor, lives in Israel with her two kids in a village next to rolling fields. Sarah likes taking pictures, climbing roofs, and talking to strangers. She is the author of the book Jerusalem Drawn and Quartered. Sarah is a work in progress.