Daniel Raphael Silverstein
Rabbi, educator, meditation teacher and MC/poet.

A Prayer for a Country Poised Between Demise and Rebirth

New life springing up in the Jerusalem hills
(Please read out loud if you’re able and willing…)
May we remember that our faces are mirrors of each other, our fears are mirrors of each other’s, our hopes are mirrors of each other’s, and all of our children will all inherit everything we are.
May we remember our shared past, our shared ancestors, our shared heritage, our shared grief at the destruction of our home twice before, our shared journeys through millennia of exile, our shared pride in who we are and all that we have achieved, wherever we found ourselves, and now here.
May we remember that our being here is something no human can explain or understand.
May we remember that we are responsible to those who came before us, and those who come after us.
May we remember that it is very, very easy to destroy, but infinitely harder to build.
May we remember that there is no future for any of us, without all of us.
About the Author
Daniel Raphael Silverstein is a rabbi, educator, meditation teacher and MC/poet. He lives in Israel with his family, where he directs Applied Jewish Spirituality, an online portal which makes the transformative spiritual wisdom of our tradition accessible to all who seek it.
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