A Prayer for Our People

Prayer for the victims of today’s terrorist attacks in Israel.

God of our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and our foremothers Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, May you comfort the bereaved and heal the injured.

Innocent lives have been taken from your people, b’kidushat Hashem, in the sanctification of your name, and their blood cries out to you and all those in the heavenly court, they call for justice from you.

May you shelter your people, wherever in the world they may find themselves, may you spread your canopy of peace over all of us.

May you take these innocent souls under your wing beside your heavenly throne, and may you provide their families with comfort and strength at a time of incredible distress and sadness.

May your people find solace in the knowledge that you are their maker, their rock and their redeemer.

May your people unite under one banner, beseeching you to provide continued blessings.

May our enemies realise that you are the one true God, and that in your eyes peace is the only way forward.

May we all seek guidance from you and may you return us all to the land of Israel with the swift rebuilding of your temple and the coming of the messianic age.


About the Author
Originally from Auckland New Zealand, much of Alon's time over the past ten years has been for the growth and development of community. Alon has an MA in Sociology from the University of Auckland, and is a graduate of Yeshiva University's Semicha program. He is the Rabbi of the ACT Jewish Community in Canberra, Australia. Alon also holds a degree in Medieval Jewish History.