Pinchas Allouche

A Prayer For Unity

“Are we not all children of the same Father? Are we not all created by the same God? Then why do we betray each other, violating the covenant of our ancestors?” – Malachi 2:10
“Grant peace, goodness, blessing, grace, loving-kindness, and mercy to us. Bless us, our Father, all of us as one with the light of Your face.” – From the Jewish Prayer of “Sim Shalom”
Master of the universe, teach us, at this fateful moment in history, to honor the inherent dignity in every person, realizing that although we were not created with the same image, we were all created in Your holy image1.
Bless us with the wisdom and the recognition that we can disagree without ever becoming disagreeable; that we can battle ideas, without ever battling people; and that our minds can carry differences of opinions, but only if we are united as one.
O God, channel our hearts so that they pulsate love and empathy, rather than emit hatred and apathy.
Focus our eyes so that they see the endless potential in people’s Divine souls, rather than see the limits of their physical bodies.
Tune our voices so that they speak words and sing songs of unity and empowerment, rather than tones of discord and division.
Guide our hands and feet so that they become Your instruments of kindness and peace, rather than tools of cruelty and destructiveness.
Help us fulfill the unique purpose for which You created us, each in our own way, by becoming Your ambassadors of light and goodness in Your world, today more than yesterday, at every moment, in every place, and with every person we encounter.
Eternal Guardian who neither slumbers nor sleeps3, fortify and inspire our elected officials, so that they may govern our nation with humility and courage, strength and compassion, sensitivity and vision, to uphold and defend all of the Divine values and principles on which this great country was founded.
To quote our great teacher Moses2, “May it be your will that the glory of your presence dwells in the work of our hands.” Indeed, may it dwell in the work of the hands of our leaders, our courageous armed forces, and all of the citizens of this land.
Finally, we pray to You, O God, that we merit to witness the fulfillment of Your promise4: “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Zion reigns!” May it happen speedily. Amen.
PS – This prayer was written following the rising tensions in the streets of our great country, the UNITED States of America. in the past few months, and particularly, in the past few days.
1. Genesis 1:27. 2. Psalms 90:17 3. Psalms 121:4 4. Isaiah 52:7.
About the Author
Rabbi Pinchas Allouche is the founding Rabbi of Congregation Beth Tefillah in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he resides with his wife, Esther, and nine children. He is a respected rabbinic figure, a renowned lecturer, and a prominent author of many essays on the Jewish faith, mysticism, and social-criticism. Besides his academic pedigree, Rabbi Allouche is richly-cultural, having lived in France, where he was born, South Africa and Israel. He is also fluent in English, Hebrew, French and Italian. Rabbi Allouche is a member of AIPAC's National Council, and a member of the Vaad Harabanim, the Orthodox Rabbinic Council of Arizona. Rabbi Allouche's wise, profound, and sensitive perspective on the world and its people, on life and living, is highly regarded and sought-after by communities and individuals of all backgrounds. Rabbi Allouche is also tremendously involved in the Jewish community of Greater Phoenix, and he teaches middle-school Judaics at the local Jewish Day School. Rabbi Allouche is also a blogger for many online publications including the Huffington Post, and The Times of Israel. Rabbi Allouche was listed in the Jewish Daily Forward as one of America's 36 Most Inspiring Rabbis, who are "shaping 21st Century Judaism." Rabbi Allouche can be reached at:
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