A Prayer

This came to me over a period of time, mostly line by line, which I handwrote in a notebook and these are my last writings till now in that notebook. I believe we’re all prophets because we’re all connected to God in ways we can’t know or understand. 

A Prayer

I love you dear God – please help me to heal more.

Let’s be honest and brave and kind.

Let’s love God, the most endless, as much as we can.

I believe the Universe is as endless as anything can possibly be and is

therefore God.

There might even be many “big bangs,” etcetera – who knows?

We are many we are one.

Let’s love and respect each other in God.

Let’s aim for zero violence.

Let’s honor God by honoring and loving each other in God.

More honor and respect and love and nonviolence will heal humanity

and our planet.

Let’s not be afraid to love – let’s not be afraid.

A deep and lasting peace that begins at home is so important.

I believe the Universe is so big because it’s God.

There are many many worlds in Goduniverse.

Let’s celebrate and treat each other good in Goduniverse.

Let’s be kind and make kindness our main goal in Goduniverse,

Kindness to ourselves and to each other and to animals and to trees.

Halleluyah!  Praise God!  Now and Forever!


I believe there’s only God

And we are all in and of God

And God is as infinite as can possibly be

And God includes all of us and much more.

We are many we are one.

Thank God almighty we’re all in God.

And now we must really do a tikun, a fixing, here on Earth, here on

Godseed Earth in Goduniverse.


God is one.

Let us heal here in God.

About the Author
David Eli Barchas, a native of Los Angeles, graduated from Antioch College in Ohio in 1969. He has lectured part time in communication at Queens College of the City University of New York. He first came to Israel in 1971 and made Aliyah in 1979. David Eli was the first person to be arrested for disrupting the US Congress in protest of the Vietnam War when he shouted "Stop the War!" in the Senate gallery in 1971. He has worked for and written about peace extensively. His writing and music about peace can be accessed at his website