A Purim/Republican/Israel Multiple Choice Question

Here is a quote.  Who said it?

“There is a certain people scattered and separate among the peoples throughout our country and their laws differ from those of every people, and they do not keep OUR laws.  We are therefore required to take care of the problem.” 

1, Donald Trump

2. Ted Cruz

3. Benjamin Netanyahu

4. Israeli Justice minister Ayelet Shaked

5.  Haman

The answer is either “5” or “ALL OF THE ABOVE.”

The quote itself is from the third chapter of the Book of Esther–the Megilla reading that Jews all around the world read and listened to on the holiday of Purim last week.  As we all know, Haman is considered the most hated villain in all of Jewish history–a direct descendant of the Amalekites and a man who plotted to kill all the Jews only to have his plans go awry.

But, as we all know, the answer could be “1” since Donald Trump has clearly singled out Muslims as un-American outsiders who are uniquely dangerous.  He has promised that, if elected, he will deal with them harshly by banning them from our country and taking care of the problem as needed by doing whatever needs to be done..

Or the answer could be “2” since Ted Cruz promised a cheering crowd at AIPAC last week that, if elected, he will subject “Muslim neighborhoods” to special patrols and security observation.  Of course he didn’t name a single Muslim neighborhood, since few even exist in our country where Muslims are generally quite patriotic, but I’m sure we will find out what he meant after he is elected.

Or the answer could be “3” since Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly made it clear that Muslims and Palestinian leaders are inciting violence and has called for vengeance and revenge against Muslim perpetrators and non-perpetrators but has never called for justice.  According to Bibi, the Palestinians are not like us and have nothing but contempt for Israeli law.

Or it could be “4” since Ayelet Shaked proudly stated that Palestinian women and children should be conisdered fair game and needed to be killed along with the terrorists if the fight against terror is ever to be won.  She also referred to Palestinian children as “little snakes.”  And this was all BEFORE she was named Israel’s Justice minister by Netanyahu.

And of couse it could be “5” since Haman actually DID say these words in the Purim story except unlike 1 through 4 he was targeting and smearing Jews instead of Muslims.

The irony of course is that Jews are commanded to get so drunk on Purim that we don’t know the difference between Haman–the anti-Semitic villain of the story–and Mordechai–the Jewish hero who, along with his niece Esther, saved the Jews who celebrated by killing Haman, his family, and most of the citizens of the country.

Maybe a lot of our pro-Israel leaders and politicians and Jewish friends have accomplished that goal without even getting drunk.

About the Author
Larry Gellman is wealth management consultant to a private worldwide investment firm. He has studied and lectured on Jewish wisdom and ethics. He has spent 30 years as a Jewish philanthropist and a volunteer leader of organizations including Israel Bonds, Federations, AIPAC, CLAL, and J Street. He lives in Tucson, AZ and Aspen CO.
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