A Quick Guide to Purim in Jerusalem 2016

Tens of thousands of people take to the streets over the holiday of Purim in Jerusalem. I’ve shared around 70 events in my map of Purim parties in Jerusalem, but now that people know everything that’s going on, the problem is that it’s so hard to choose.

The beauty is, there really is something for everyone and so I’ve written a quick overview here. It’s obviously not everything so be sure to check out the map afterwards for more options.

Good luck and happy Purim!


Interesting megilla readings

  1. Tonight at 7pm, 8:30pm at Carosella – egalitarian and then authentic Middle Eastern. Read more
  2. Tonight at 7pm at Machon Kerem, a friendly place in town for young adults. Read more
  3. Tonight 9:30pm at The First Station
  4. Tomorrow, Friday – Along Azza Street throughout the day by the local Chabad.
  5. Tomorrow – Influential women reading at the First Station

Stuff to do with kids

  1. All weekend – Programming at the Bible Lands Museum
  2. The First Station also has plenty of programming.
  3. All weekend – Workshops at yes Planet
  4. Friday – The big carnival in Safra Square

With a religious/spiritual touch

Most of these Purim parties include megilla reading.

  1. Ein Prat – Hang out, class, megilla reading and sing-along. Read more
  2. Friday at 11:30am – A tish at Lev Ha’ir in Nachlaot
  3. Tonight at 7pm – A party with separate dancing at Cinema City
  4. Tonight at 6:30pm – Mayanot hosting the Solomon Brothers
  5. Tonight at 6:30pm – Jerusalem Soul Center for young adults
  6. Tonight at 9pm – Beit Yehudit in the German Colony
  7. Tonight at 8pm – Olam Haba in Kedma in Mamilla

Student parties

It’s definitely a night for students. Here are a few of the student parties:

  1. Tonight at 8:15pm – Jeff Seidel’s party on Mount Scopus
  2. Tonight at 10pm – Bezalel Art School takes over the Masie Theatre House
  3. The party in the Carta parking garage is open to students only.

Some of the big parties

There are some huge Purim parties tonight. Here are some of them:

  1. Tonight – In the City Cellar under the old Mashbir
  2. Tonight – The Masquarave is a party with no advertised location. Call them for the address.
  3. Tonight – The Boogie
  4. Tonight – A huge party at the new Pais Arena
  5. Tonight – World music in Ein Karem

I’m not mentioning two of the biggest because they’re sold out. Namely the one at the Tower of David and at Hansen House.

A nostalgic touch

There are two period-themed parties tonight:

  1. Tonight – Woodstock at Even/Juke
  2. Tonight – 90s at Nocturno


There are at least two gay parties tonight.

  1. Tonight at 11pm – Justice
  2. Tonight at 10pm – Videopub

Bars bars and more bars

Every bar in the city (and their mother, as they say) has a Purim party. Here are some of them — they’re all in the city center and really it’s probably best to just walk around and happen upon whichever bar tickles your fancy at the time…

  1. Pirate party at Glen
  2. 4:20
  3. Hataklit
  4. Cactus9
  5. The Place
  6. The Little Pinkas
  7. Blue Hall Music
  8. Mike’s Place

Visit the map if you want to see more bar parties.

The big Nachlaot celebration

Nachlaot is one of THE places to be on Purim. The celebrations begin tonight and end right before Shabbat candle lighting. There is no one single party but the entire neighborhood is in a party state. Here are some of the individual events:

  1. From tonight until Shabbat begins
  2. Slow Moshe
  3. Tomorrow at 10am – JLM.FM at Hamadregot Street

The Mahaneh Yehuda Shuk

Tonight the shuk will be teeming with people and music and drinks. If you want that experience, the best thing to do is just show up and walk around.

  1. The Shuk on Purim

Women only

There are a couple of cool parties for women only this year.

  1. Tonight at 10pm – Heichal Shlomo
  2. Tonight – A separate hall just for women at the Boogie

Alternative and low-key options

Not everyone is interested in hardcore partying. Here are some alternatives:

  1. Tonight at 8:30pm – An Iranian-style street party on Yanai
  2. Tonight at 7pm – Forget all the parties and go see a movie about Purim in the charedi world. Read more
  3. Today at 6:30pm – The Vegetarians in Judaism feast and party
  4. Today at 8pm – Spanish meal special at Movida
  5. Tomorrow at noon – Seuda for singles (35-50s)

Happy Purim! This is a Things to do in Jerusalem project.

About the Author
Deena is a new mother, a project manager and a writer living in Jaffa.