A quick note to those who sit from center to right

As someone who considers himself to be progressive/progressive-left, it pains me to be at the receiving end of smear and hate from those to the right of my views politically, etc, constantly. I am constantly told by people in blogs that the progressive-left is anti-Israel, pro-BDS, etc, and that is just not the case. Sure, some people on the left may be and are, but to constantly pigeon hole EVERYONE as sharing those same views is unfair and biased.

I don’t subscribe to the idea that all people on the left are not pro-human rights, pro-Israel, or pro-BDS, because the fact is, just like those on the right, there are people on all sides that have differing views. There are so many people on the left and in the Democratic party that are shining examples of being pro-human rights: Jimmy Carter and his Carter Center initiatives. William Jefferson Clinton and his Clinton Global Intiatives. Those are just two examples. There are people on the right that are anti-israel. Pat Robertson, Michele Bachmann (closeted) the Presbyterian Church, etc…

As for the western left as a whole not supporting Israel, that is a bunch of malarkey. The notion that the left, via the offices of Barack Obama, even support the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of al-Qaeda and Hamas, and the movement for political Islam throughout the Middle East, is just more far-right, Fox News, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann crazy talk and doesn’t do anything to help the political situation anywhere in the world.

I shall now sit and wait for the attacks on my character to begin in the comments section below, as is the norm when anyone says anything pro-Democratic on the Times of Israel site. In 3… 2… 1…

About the Author
Ryan Fagan is originally from Southwest Florida, and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he is employed in the financial sector and is active at Shir Tikvah, his Reform shul. He recently converted to Judaism after being raised in a Catholic household. He also goes by his Hebrew name, Aviv.