A rainbow of words and worlds

The book “Anti-terror and peace: IFLAC Anthology 2016 – 2017” edited by Prof. Ada Aharoni and Dr. Vijay Kumar, is a unique sign of our times which has a power to transform our inhuman postmodern reality into a society of dialogue and fundamental values of truth, beauty and goodness.

The authors, from 23 countries created a culture of peace and revolutionary forgiveness. The authenticity and timeless meaning of the works presented in the anthology have a powerful esthetic and anthropological impact.

The value of the authors’ words is transcendent having a power to change the world of chaos and hate into a kingdom of love and understanding.

The new IFLAC Anthology 2018 on “ANTI-WAR AND PEACE,” will give the world a message of hope, turning the poetic dream about peace into visible reality. 


Children Are Stars of Peace

You were born with loving smiles
Star seeds of peace
You are life you are future
You do not want to die in wars

Smart children, armed
With smart phones and computers
You will shoot your peace beeps
All over our global village

Your rapid fingers will bring us
What we failed to bring you –
A world where not one gun is fired
A world of twinkling stars of peace.

— Ada Aharoni

The Song of Jerusalem

I hear the melody of Your heart
the stones full of sacred prayers
the walls free as birds
the prophets sing a song of life
the air is a breath of infinity
in the labyrinth of the past
I find the light
of hope

Anna Banasiak

About the Author
Anna Banasiak is a poet and literary critic from Lodz, Poland. She studied Polish philology and culture studies at the University of Warsaw. She is the winner of poetry competitions in Berlin, London and Bratislava. Her poems have appeared online via New York, London, Surrey, Australia, Canada, India and South Africa.