Joanna Harris

A Reflection on the Last 3 Weeks of War

It has been three weeks since the horrific massacre at southern Israel by the terrorist group Hamas.

The last three weeks have felt like an emotional rollercoaster but have gone by so quickly and a lot has happened.

Since the attack, Hamas have launched a barrage of rockets to southern and central Israel. A rocket hit a building in the central city of Rishon LeZion this week.

Residents living in the south and the north have also been evacuated and are staying in hotels throughout the country in the meantime.

Israel is striking Gaza with targeted air strikes. This week there have been incursions into Gaza by the army and they are at the beginning of a ground invasion.

During the last three weeks, over 300,000 reservists have been called up and tanks are stationed along the northern and southern border.

There has been some clashes on the northern border with Lebanon and Syria. Tanks have lined up against the border to prepare in case the situation gets worse.

If it does happen that Lebanon and/or Syria decide to get involved, there will be a multi-front war in the country on Israel’s northern and southern border. This will be difficult but still manageable due to the preparation of the army and the large number of reservists called up.

So this is everything that has happened but what comes next? The IDF have started a ground invasion at the moment in Gaza with heavy air strikes. This will lead to a lot of destruction and will turn Gaza into rubble.

About the Author
Working in the hospitality/travel industry in Israel. Am into spirituality and go to lectures/classes on Jewish mysticism.