Mindy Ajzner
Mindy Ajzner

A Rosh Hashana Salute to Fundraisers

Chaim BePlus students completing financial course with Mentor Or Snir
Chaim BePlus students upon completion of financial course with mentor Or Snir (courtesy)

Every visionary needs to raise funds; every entrepreneur needs to find investors.

From Moshe Rabenu calling for donations for the building of the Mishkan to Golda Meir soliciting for the launch of the State of Israel, fundraising is essential for the fulfillment of dreams.

Who has not benefited from the hard work of fundraisers?

We who have been to a Jewish day school, university, yeshiva, shul, or hospital must be grateful to the fundraisers who helped make these wonderful institutions a reality.

Where would we be today without them?

Some of us have crossed the line from being beneficiaries of fundraising to being advocates and fundraisers ourselves.

I had the good fortune of having a wise mentor and source of inspiration, the philanthropist and fundraiser par excellence, Mrs. Julia Koschitzky. She held my hand while I took my first steps and gave me the confidence to forge ahead and overcome the obstacles on the way to my goal. I thank her with all my heart.

My fundraising role at the nonprofit I founded, Chaim BePlus, bears both privilege and responsibility.

Right now,  thousands of young people from very disadvantaged homes, from families who cannot make ends meet and are constantly in debt, are expected to follow down the same declining path.

However, through our intervention – Chaim BePlus mentors’ financial education workshops – they are going to learn how to take control of their money, spend within their budget, use digital tools to track their bank accounts, stay out of debt and access the “Kol Zchut” portal to understand their rights.

What a privilege, and what a responsibility!

This is all going to happen thanks to the fundraising efforts of the organization’s Board of Directors and myself.

And so, without further ado, Rosh Hashana is around the corner, let’s get to work….

About the Author
Mindy (Wenner) Ajzner is the founder and CEO of Chaim BePlus, a nation-wide non-profit organization teaching courses in financial education to high school and post high school students. Chaim BePlus impacts young people in all sectors, including Charedim, Arab and Bedouin, giving them tools for financial independence. Mindy made aliya from Toronto, Canada and has a B.Ed. and M.A. in Jewish Studies and a Senior Bookkeeping Diploma. She was a debt counsellor for several years and is passionate about preventing debt and poverty. Mindy lives with her family in Ra'anana.
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