A secret never told

There is this story
About a nation
Who had survived
Years and years of war

But let me tell you
A secret never told
If you try to destroy them
They will come back strong
But. Do the opposite
And they will soon be gone
Not by weapons
Not by oppression
But by giving them love
And opening your arms
They will forget their past
And they will join your ride

Its funny to think
That the nation loved by G-d
Can only perish
When is loved more
By other souls

Its poetic in a way
Thousand of years
Living in hate
By other who harm them
But they always failed
To think that
With simple love
They will forget
Their history
And their faith
Its a little scary
But a little great

As a poet I find it
Intriguing in a way
A Nation who stood against
All odds
And all the hate
Could soon perish
For love, instead

About the Author
Abraham Benguigui was born on October 14, 1993 in Caracas, Venezuela. He was raised in the Jewish community and moved to the United States to get an undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering, specializing in lighting.