Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

A shaky world

The world needs guidance, as polarization, politics, disagreements, wars, unrest, and uncertainty threaten global stability.

What’s needed is a guiding light to shine, to push away the darkness and confusion. What’s urgently needed is moral clarity, so that people know what is right, and what is wrong.

And where will this clarity and light come from? The answer is, that just as the manufacturer of a product, like a smartphone for example, made the product, and therefore knows how it works and how to fix it, so too with our world — its Creator knows how it works, and how to fix it.

And how does the Creator deliver this light and guidance? Via His chosen people. The prophet refers to Israel as a light to the nations. When the Jewish people are in tune to their G-d and their heritage, they are able to shine His light, and to tell all the nations to abide by the seven Noahide laws which G-d told Moses at Mount Sinai. And this will bring peace to the entire world.

Things look promising. In Israel and worldwide, Jews are increasingly bonding with each other, with the land of Israel, with their G-d, and with their essential Jewish soul.

By strengthening the connection to our Jewish identity, our Torah and Mitzvot, we widen the channels to receive G-d’s bountiful blessings. And this highlights G-d’s presence in the eyes of all the nations, when they see G-d’s blessings for His chosen people, as He saves and protects them in their holy land.

The future looks promising. Redemption is on the horizon.

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