A simple slogan or not?

Did you catch the last line of George Clooney’s speech at the Golden Globes? Movie stars are saying it. World leaders are saying it. It is in the headlines of every major newspaper and small town newspaper across the globe. It has quickly become one of the most popular hashtags in twitter history. It’s on t-shirts and websites the world over.

Thousands marched in Paris carrying banners proclaiming it. The simple slogan “Je Suis Charlie” was originally designed to show solidarity against the cowardly attack in Paris on free speech by the horrific, unconscionable slaughter of 12 human lives at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Muslim terrorist furious at the magazine’s taunting of their prophet, Muhammad committed the horrific act. This seemingly simple slogan has united the world unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed. Within a couple of days the ubiquitous slogan took on new meaning as the massacre of innocent Jewish citizens took place inside a Paris kosher market. “Je Suis Juif” is designed to stand in solidarity against the evil of anti-Semitism which has seen a dangerously dramatic rise in Europe and even across America.

By now most of us know Je suis is French for “I am”. “I Am” is one of the sacred names of God in ancient Hebrew text. The significance of “I Am that I Am” is found in one of the most popular verses in the Hebrew bible (Exodus 3:14). “I Am that I Am” is first used when God reveals himself in a mysterious way to Moses in the burning bush. He is the uncreated Creator that abhors evil and will always stand in solidarity with His people against the evil that is pervading the world.

How is it that the slogan that is uniting the world against evil evokes the sacred name of God? How is it that few seem to recognize this divine touch of love on humanity?

Who but God would have chosen this slogan of all the possibilities in the world?

It is certain that most people carrying the signs, shouting the slogan, posting these powerful words know not their meaning. Be certain, The Great I Am has a powerful foe and that this supreme evil is very clear on the meaning of these words. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is ultimately in control and evil can not and will not prevail!

The current issue of Charlie Hebdo, the first since the slaughter, features a cartoon of Muhammad crying and holding a “Je Suis Charlie” sign under the headline “Tout Est Pardonne”, meaning “all is forgiven”.  The magazine printed an unprecidented 5 million copies which sold out within minutes.

Who but God could forgive such atrocities?

Je Suis American! Je Suis Charlie! Je Suis Juif!

About the Author
Rene Moran Firesheets is a 59 year old Christian woman from the Deep South of The United States. She holds a Masters degree from Louisiana State University.