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Devices to stop drivers speeding could be mandatory in all new cars
The Telegraph 15 April 2022

The UK government is considering the introduction of mandatory speed limiters on new cars. A system that includes GPS tracking and roadside cameras will determine if a vehicle is exceeding the speed limit. If a vehicle is found to be in breach of the local limit, the system will take an appropriate action, anything from a simple warning to turning the engine off.

It is believed that future versions of this system will take control of your car and drive you to a police station.

We can only applaud this initiative and hope it is the start of a much larger system of protecting the public from itself.

There are many possible applications.

The Smart Bed. We will each be allocated a number of hours for sleeping. If we do not get up when our sleeping time has expired, the bed will rotate, throwing us on the floor.

The Smart Refrigerator. Doctors will determine our personalised daily calorie intake. If we attempt to eat more than our allowance, the refrigerator will lock itself.

The Smart Television. No more time wasted staring at yet another pointless television program. After we have watched just one episode of the latest detective series, the television will turn to a party-political broadcast, straight from the legislature. In the interests of equality, there is no reason why our politicians should be the only ones to be bored stiff.

The Smart Neighbour. We all have a local busy-body who keeps an eye on the comings and goings in our street. That blonde visiting again, surely his wife is out? Even a nosy neighbour must take a rest from time to time but the street-level CCTV system, connected to a large database, will keep an eye on us.

The Smart Supermarket. An easy way to keep a check on our daily lives. Anything we buy will be recorded and may be used against us at a later date. We will certainly be flooded with advertisements for yet more of whatever we have just bought.

And finally, the Smart Blog. If you have skipped reading this blog, well, we don’t know who you are, but we know you are missing out.

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