Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

A song

I heard a bird chirping yesterday. Singing a song. The sound was the same one, over and over, but the song still burst through my thoughts, taking me to a place of contemplation.

Over and over, the bird was trying to make a point. And I listened carefully. And then, in a flash, I knew what the bird was saying.

It was a harmonious yearning full of deep and vibrant meaning. Yet the bird itself was not wise. It was not a thinker, like man. It was not able to carry on a conversation with me. But it didn’t have to. Its message was clear as the sprinkling of raindrops on my face.

I didn’t see this bird, I just heard it. And only for about ten seconds. It sang about beauty, life, wonder. It sang about our dreams and our lustrous future. It sang about what life will be, and the happiness that will shine on all.

Birds fly. They are above it all. But they come down to rest. And to sing a message.

Three thousand three hundred and thirty-six years ago, on a mountain top, G-d appeared to millions of people, men women and children.

With lighting and thunder the sound of G-d permeated the entire world, as He gave His Torah to the Jewish people.

And on Mount Sinai, G-d told Moses to tell all the nations of the world to obey the seven Noahide laws: Believe in G-d. Do not curse G-d. Do not murder. Do not steal. Do not commit incest or adultery. Do not eat part of an animal while it is still alive (which is cruelty). And establish courts of law to uphold these laws. The last law includes doing acts of charity.

The song from that mountain top reverberates throughout the ages. You may hear it all your life. Or you may hear it for only ten seconds.

But that song makes all the difference.

It’s either a world that tolerates terrorism and other injustices, or it’s a world of peace.

Israel is now showing the world how to deal with terrorism. Listen to the song. It sings of a future of peace, a society that is just, a world that will sing about G-d, His creation, and His presence everywhere.

Redemption is very near. Listen, and you’ll hear its melody.

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