A Sorrow So Deep…

The world ended today.

A little baby, not even four days old, returned to the heavens from where he came. And left behind is a sorrow so deep that the bottom can not be reached. And along with that sorrow is pain — a pain so naked and so brutal and so penetrating that no amount of time will ever be able to heal it.

But little Amiad Yisrael’s life — his brief life that can be measured in just a few hours — will leave behind a mark that will stay with us forever.

In his short time on earth, he proved himself to be a fighter. He saved his mother’s life by taking the full brunt of a violent and brutal attack meant to kill so many more. And for almost four days, he wrestled with death itself, using every fibre of strength that his little body could muster. He fought with the strength of a lion, the heart of a hero, the love of a people and the strength of an entire nation.

It was not a battle he would ultimately win, but in his fight for survival, he would end up touching so many people from all over the world with his strength and his spirit — a spirit that did not give up, even if his body eventually had to.

There are many in the world today who say that Israel must talk to the people who murdered Amiad. They say Israel must negotiate with those who celebrate Amiad’s death. They say Israel must give them a country. They say it’s the only way to bring peace. But what kind of peace can you achieve with those who think it’s heroic to shoot a pregnant woman at a bustop? And what kind of a world dares to think they can ever dictate to Israel what they should do when they can’t even bring themselves to condemn the very people who did this as terrorists?

The people of Israel will continue on, regardless of the tragedies inflicted upon us, for a society that values death will never be stronger than a society that values life — but that doesn’t mean they can’t hurt us — and hurt us they did.

And even when there are no more tears left to shed, they will continue to flow anyway.

For we are a people who care. And we always will. Hatred may have taken Amiad away, but love created him. And up until his very last last breath, he was surrounded by those who cared for him and he was surrounded by doctors who fought desperately with all their skills and all their might and all their experience to keep him alive.

Amiad Yisrael’s body may be gone, but he is a child of Israel and his spirit… that will never go away.

It remains embedded in us forever.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.