Tzemach Yehudah Richter
Tzemach Yehudah Richter

A South African Jewish Community Miracle Now In Progress


Despite all the bad news filling the airwaves, a true miracle has been taking place within the South African Jewish Community during the past week. And I am happy to say that our family has been part of this miracle.

There are many families I met when I first landed in South Africa that deserve special mention because of their kind nature and willingness to make me part of the community shortly after being married.

One of those families I remember to this very day are the Dworcans.

The miracle I now refer to is that my friend who I know as Manny suddenly became very ill with COVID and his condition became so serious that a call went out from the family to say Tehillim for his complete and speedy recovery.

A WhatsApp Group was formed, and everyone was asked to participate. As I understand it, in a bit more than one week, nearly 250 participants have joined this group saying as many Pereks of Tehillim that they can by posting which Tehillim you want to say in numerical order. Once a book has been finished then a new book is started.

It is truly amazing to see how the Community has responded. As I am writing this at 13:20 Israel time Erev Shabbat, there have been 92 books of Tehillim completed, with Book 93 almost done. Special Tehillim Groups are being formed to say Tehillim for Manny on Shabbat in not only South Africa but other cities as well.

Tehillim Is Most Definitely Working  

A message from the Dworcan family came on that WhatsApp Group this morning which, in part, reads as follows-

Dear Friends-

The Tehillim is most definitely working. מנחם בן יענטא לאה is so comforted by all the Tehillim and it’s giving him the strength to keep fighting and to hold his own.

We know this will be a marathon and not a sprint, but each day forward is a brocha and IYH a day closer to a true refuah.

He is still in the ICU in critical condition, but the doctors are happy with his progress.

Considering how critical Manny was earlier this week, this is indeed a true miracle.

May Hashem answer all our prayers and give  מנחם בן יענטא לאה a complete and speedy Refuah Shleima. 

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