Opher Segal
Author, Journalist, Producer

A Stairway to Hell

We are experiencing a very tumultuous and turbulent time in world history. The unrelenting news cycle keeps on streaming 24/7 via our mass media outlets. Unfortunately, most of the would-be news organizations do not provide corroboration or fact-based reality. Misinformation and tainted opinions are disguised and presented as factual and unbiased news.  

The once honorable journalistic news media has transitioned into a political and brainwashing mechanism. In addition, organizations that were admired for their impartial and justice seeking moral code are now infected with hate, antisemitism, and corruption. Hate seems to be the new Corona virus. It is spreading throughout all segments of society via media, universities, international organizations, celebrities, governmental, and political entities.  

A prime example of biased news coverage comes from a moderately sized local cable news station of approximately 2 million viewers.  This “news” source masquerades under the banner of “fair and balanced news.” Nothing could be further from the truth.  Recently, this station provided very extended live coverage from the encampment of the collective ignorant Village Idiots of UCLA ‘student’ demonstration. Even though many of the demonstrators were outside agitators and not enrolled students, it was referred to as a student protest for Palestine. There was little or no mention of the many counter-protestors for Israel. This station’s ‘coverage’ was an absolute disgrace. It was one sided in content with zero correlation between what was shown and their mission statement, “Fair and Balanced.,” In-depth interviews conducted by their reporter promoted only the pro- Palestinian side extensively. However, there was a very scant and uninformative presentation of the pro-Israel side. By doing so, they are denying the viewers any modicum of balanced news. 

They also failed to state the truth about the truly clear mission statement of the genocidal Hamas, “From the river the Sea Palestine will be free!” which means the genocide of 7.2 million Israelis. The huge coverage of the demonstrators who support this murderous goal without objection or counter point is glaring. In giving extensive coverage to the Palestinian supporters, without comment, the network gives its tacit support to them.  

In other news, the latest Kangaroo Court morally and ethically corrupt decision at the International Court of Justice located in the Hague is disingenuous. This “venerable” institution is equating the democratic State of Israel with the murderous terrorists of Hamas.  By issuing arrest warrants to both, the International Court of Injustice erodes any credibility it still might possess.  This organization is on par with the biased United Nations. Both those organizations have outlived their usefulness and trustworthiness. They are both out of step with corroborated truth in addition to the moral and the ethical side of history. It is high time to dissolve both organizations.  

Major international entertainment stars are also attempting to distort or tilt facts.  It is surprising and unfortunate that the once legendary performer, Eric Clapton, recently expressed his uneducated and racist political view by displaying a Palestinian flag on his guitar.  This would-be flag, in support of Hamas and their genocidal quest to eradicate Israel is very trendy and vicious. It is obvious Eric lost his way as well as his ethical nonexistent moral compass.     

Former Pink Floyd member and ardent antisemite, Roger Waters, is truly a brick in the wall. He is the true definition of hate monger.  Instead of spreading peace through music, he spreads hate, racism, and an evil agenda.       

We are living in very divisive times. It is time for sanity to resurface. The silent majority must not remain silent any longer.  We stand to lose the last bastions of democracy.  The freedoms and values of the Western World are at risk. Hate and divisions are corroding Western values.  Many of our cultural, religious, and political adversaries are working from within to promote a future that regresses to a dark time in which we will all lose the freedoms we enjoy.  The freedom of expression, the freedom of gathering peacefully, the freedom of speech, the freedom of movement and of self-expression are priceless.  It is time to challenge and eradicate current madness.  Should we not, with a ‘slight’ twist of words we will pave our way to a stairway to hell!  

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