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“A Stark Vision of Evil”

Why Are The Times and The Forward Attacking Gorka?

Is there is some bizarre connection between The Times of Israel and The Forward? There seems to be some odd connection between the two as they set their sites on the personal destruction of Sebastian Gorka, one of President’s Trump’s antiterrorism advisors, who they believe is being shown the door because of his association with a defunct Hungarian order that ceased to exist in the 1940’s and was considered anti-Semitic.

It is also more than odd that the rumors of Gorka’s departure or reassignment are occurring at precisely the same time that establishment entities are pushing for the departure of Steve Bannon without whom Donald Trump would not have won the election.

Is it a coincidence that Bannon, too, faces unsubstantiated charges of anti-Semitism, that he has been accused of leading some racist movement called the “alt-right” which even Kool Aid-consuming adherents of the visionary Maxine Waters concede is a convenient invention to marginalize Bannon.

The Southern Poverty Law Center,  which dedicates itself to the exposure of white supremacist groups and litigating them out of existence, twists itself into knots trying to blow enough air into the Alt Right Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to make him as scary as the KKK. They coin terms like “archeofuturists”, “human biodiversity opponents” and “anarcho-capitalists” to provide themselves with some perverse intellectual rationale that is as imaginary as the terms themselves.

This is a fringe of a fringe group that doesn’t deserve a drop of ink, let alone some McCarthy-like charge that should subject one to a 21st Century blacklist.

Attacking Gorka Is Attacking Bannon

As most know, Bannon ran the Breitbart media enterprise before joining the Trump campaign. Andrew Breitbart himself, of course, was Jewish and everything about his website and their satellite broadcasts (which Bannon often hosted) was profoundly pro-Israel. They opened a bureau in Jerusalem and have covered the region from a decidedly Israeli-centric point of view.

Sebastian Gorka, too, was an employee of Breitbart’s and Bannon’s before he was brought into the White House. I have no insight into the backstory, but it’s probably reasonable to conclude that his engagement had something to do with Bannon.

So, the media establishment is certainly on a full-scale attack against Bannon. Is he feuding with Jared Kushner? Has he lost his mojo with the President because he was responsible for the temporary travel ban that proved embarrassing to Trump? And what would character assassination be without resorting to disgusting attacks on one’s physical characteristics?

The once-respected Jewish Daily Forward, now reduced to The Forward, describes the recent photo of Steve Bannon on the cover of Time magazine as “A Stark Vision of Evil”. Now there’s some beautiful objective journalism for you.

To The Times of Israel:

And to my friends at The Times of Israel: I am surprised, frankly, at the company you are willing to keep. Under what circumstances do you publish these ridiculous charges against Sebastian Gorka? If you dispute his academic credentials, that’s one thing. If you can cite multiple sources that are willing to go on the record and confirm that he has made anti-Semitic statements, then write a story that confirms his hatred of Jews.

It is certainly conceivable that his father or his grandfather may have been a member of a Hungarian order that espoused anti-Semitism. Though many Israelis may not have visited Germany for obvious reasons, there are many American Jews who have, including me. One of my very good friends who was a young boy in post-war Germany and escorted me to the country took me to Dachau; I had intended to go anyway, but he insisted on taking me himself.

Do Not Burden the Sins of the Past on those who Change Today

We do not judge the current generation of Germans based upon the sins of their grandparents. Gorka and Bannon have been speaking out against the perils of Islamic extremism long before Trump took his stroll down the escalator at Trump Tower, they have been adamant opponents of the JCPOA with Iran and applauded Netanyahu’s controversial public opposition to Obama’s push for the agreement.

The Forward is turning into a dependable MSNBC-like voice for the forces here in the States that oppose Trump because he’s a clown or a tool of the Russians or because he’s a racist, homophobic, misogynist. You tarnish your reputation by associating with The Forward. And don’t console yourselves that this has been picked up by CNN. CNN added their “legitimacy” to the ludicrous BuzzFeed dossier which detailed Trump’s urinary habits in a Moscow hotel room.

Bannon and Gorka are your good friends and they have been advocating on your behalf for many years. They deserve better.

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