Gil Mildar
As the song says, a Latin American with no money in his pocket.

A Step from Hell: Netanyahu’s Fateful Legacy

Dear friends,
Within the boundless choreography of the cosmos, where the whispers of existence intertwine with the transient sojourns of humanity, shadows deepen over the land of Israel. This land, a rich tapestry of unity and divergence, once resonated with the harmonious echoes of mutual respect and understanding, weaving the destinies of diverse voices into a shared symphony.
The unfolding tapestries of our shared history are imbued with the resonant echoes of Benjamin Netanyahu’s tenure, his decisions casting shadows of discord and fragmentation over our envisioned beacon of democracy and mutual respect. His name, echoing through the annals of time, carries murmurs of a once-respected contrary, now seemingly dissipating into the winds of discord and division.
Our collective narrative, depicting a land never truly unified but interwoven with threads of respect and diverse understanding, now witnesses the unraveling of its delicate strands. The harmonious voices of our diverse narratives, once a testament to our shared respect, seem to be echoes of a bygone symphony, where dialogue was our harmonious refrain, and respect for the differing was our enriching melody.
The episodes of Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv are not mere solitary echoes; they are harbingers signaling the onset of the fragmentation of our pluralistic society, poignant reminders of the fragility of our shared harmonies and the paramount need to safeguard our communal tapestry.
The enduring aspiration of leaders is to engrave their legacies within the hearts of forthcoming generations. However, the inexorable scrolls of history will unveil the true narratives of their legacies, revealing whether they narrate sagas of unity and advancement or tales of division and degeneration. The future, a canvas yet untouched by the brushes of destiny, is being sketched by today’s actions, outlining a land where the yearning for democracy and social justice becomes an undeniable echo in the wind.
However, the ominous shadows cast by Netanyahu’s decisions bring a chilling prophecy of a future not bright and promising, but rather one teetering on the brink of a theocracy, drifting away from the ideals of liberal democracy. The echoes of his reign resonate with a forewarning of a society bound not by the threads of mutual respect and pluralistic values but by the chains of dogmatic orthodoxy.
The people of Israel, once linked by the chains of respect and understanding, find themselves at a crossroads, caught between the enduring dream of democracy and the looming shadows of dogmatic rigidity. We are called upon not just to envisage but to shape our shared destiny, to decide whether we will walk the path of dialogue and mutual respect or tread the path leading to the shadows of intolerance and division.
The land of Israel, in its profound state of flux, echoes with yearnings for mutual respect and understanding, calling upon us to rekindle the flame of dialogue and reimagine an Israel where divergence is embraced. However, the foreboding shadows and the echoing murmurs of dogma paint a picture of a land, not reborn from the shadows, but rather submerged in them, the symphony of a truly free and equal society replaced by the discordant notes of impending dogmatism.
We stand at this pivotal juncture, the pens of destiny poised, the echoes of the future whispering, beckoning us to ponder whether we will be architects of peace and mutual respect, or whether we will be the silent witnesses to the transformation of our land into a realm where shadows usurp the light, and the echoes of liberal democracy are silenced by the resounding gavel of theocratic rigidity.
About the Author
As a Brazilian, Jewish, and humanist writer, I embody a rich cultural blend that influences my worldview and actions. Six years ago, I made the significant decision to move to Israel, a journey that not only connects me to my ancestral roots but also positions me as an active participant in an ongoing dialogue between the past, present, and future. My Latin American heritage and life in Israel have instilled a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion, and justice. Through my writing, I delve into themes of authoritarianism, memory, and resistance, aiming not just to reflect on history but to actively contribute to the shaping of a more just and equitable future. My work is an invitation for reflection and action, aspiring to advance human dignity above all.