‘A storm of emotions’

Deputy Economy Minister Yair Golan responded Thursday night to the furor that erupted over his designation of certain settlers as “subhuman” in an interview with Channel 12 News.

“This is a mistaken statement made in a storm of emotions and out of anger,”

The above is a news item today.

Yair Golan is very concerned about the state of affairs of the Jewish state.

He famously expressed this fear last year when as IDF deputy chief of staff, on Holocaust Memorial Day, he delivered an address in which he solemnly warned that Israeli society was reminiscent of Germany of the 1930s.

Yes, he warns that Israel is on a very dangerous slippery path. Who are the dangerous, shameful Jews in Israel responsible for this perilous slide into 1930’s Germany and into a new dark age? Who is the most dangerous group in Israel today?

The subhuman “settlers.”

The fact that this man deeply hates his own people is sad and alarming

The deeper question though does not concern one man who achieved the rank of deputy chief of staff; who judges and scorns his people. The real concern is how did a man like this reach that position in the IDF?

Who is teaching our soldiers? What are they teaching them?

This man’s abhorrence for large parts of his people is actually a symptom of a much larger problem.


Former chief of staff Gantz said that it is expected of Israeli soldiers to give their lives for the safety of enemy civilians.

As defense minister, just last week the same Gantz invited PA terror leader, Abbas (Holocaust denier, planner of the 1972 Munich massacres, generous paymaster for those who kill Jews), into his private home and lavished him with praise.

Former chief of staff Ehud Barak said if he were a “Palestinian” he would join the terrorists against Israel.

Former chief of staff Mofaz in 2000 ordered the IDF not to intervene as Israeli soldiers died of their wounds in the PA attack on Joseph’s tomb in Shechem so as not to threaten the “peace process.”

Former chief of staff Dan Halutz expressed his satisfaction and pride in presiding over the expulsion of thousands of Jewish families from their homes and the retreat from huge chunks of our land. It made him beam from ear to ear.

(The same chief of staff failed miserably in the Second Lebanon War, but made sure to take the time to sell his stock portfolio – war is not good for stocks – as he sent the army into a totally botched, costly operation)

During a major military operation against Hamas in Gaza, Former chief of staff Eisencot was asked in the Knesset by MK Moshe Feiglin, “Can you tell us who is the enemy”?

Besides talking about how many tunnels the IDF destroyed, he could not identify the enemy. Hamas was not the enemy. If he designated Hamas as the enemy, he would have to then explain why only tunnels are targeted and not Hamas?

Is there an enemy?

Are we connecting the dots yet?

Yair Golan’s “mistaken statement made in a storm of emotions and out of anger, “is reserved for “settlers” not for any other group – not for any other enemy. There is something about unashamed idealistic Torah Jews sacrificing to retain and expand the Jewish connection to our God-given holy land that causes a “storm of emotion and anger” in people like Golan.

He was incensed and outraged when he accused those “subhuman” settlers of violence against Arab property in a village near Homesh.

He did not express the same outrage when Arabs murdered a Jewish man there two weeks prior.

In fact, he never expresses the same visceral outrage and hates when Arabs kill Jews.

I wonder why?

Yes, this is a Jew with a very troubled soul.

The issue is not this one man’s crippled Jewish soul but the soul of the leadership of the IDF

The soul of the Jewish state.

My book, “Jews, Israelis, and Arabs ” was written for this reason.

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