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A UN Resolution & European Collusion: Abbas & Hamas as the Palestinians\’ Worst Enemy

So much for a unified, ready for prime time Palestinian government able to participate in a coordinated rule across and of the Territories. Hamas’ subsequently harsh and diminishing attacks on Abbas’ failed ‘statehood’ resolution before the UN are simultaneously ludicrous and telling.

Abbas was set up to fail yet again. But in his desperate priority towards keeping his day job while generating good fundraising letters to the destruction of his own citizens, he presents as a most willing accomplice.

This latest nonsensical and predictably failed ploy by Abbas, in combination with Hamas’ pretension of relevance framed and driven by an active across European faction still trying to figure out how to destabilize Israel from afar, has only served to move a legitimate and deadly important Israeli-Palestinian security and political issue back yet again.

Even as I’ve shared my belief in other blog entries that it is the amoral Israel hard Right which poses the greatest immediate risk to Israel’s current and future stability, this pales in comparison to the dramatic, deliberate mismanagement and injury imposed on its own by the PA and Hamas leadership in unison with the its covert (and some overt) European core support.

What is needed in the Territories is a sort of ‘Palestinian Spring’ whereby the citizens of the West Bank and Gaza, themselves, say ‘enough.’ To be truly self-governing, the citizens of Gaza and the West Bank will first have to be independent of their own currently in place, deeply corrupted and respectively destructive functional dictatorships.

What is needed in the Territories is for the PA and Hamas to manage their own entrenched and ongoing corruption and indifference to their own. The PA, in combination with European factions, must first and fully acknowledge Israel’s right to exist in the same peace and security the Palestinians claim to want while fully disavowing the Hamas charter to kill every Israeli man, woman and child. Subsequent systems to allow verification that further militarization in the Territories during any such lull will not occur will be another key.

Both the PA and Hamas need to, and must demonstrate they can, invest in their own suffering citizens and infrastructure first as should any responsible and accountable autonomous government. Above all, the PA with Hamas, must recognize that they cannot create their own ‘unilateral’ state, stop issuing dramatic threats against Israel; discontinue the massive disinformation campaigns and historical revisionism towards Israel and treat their own citizens at least as well as does – would – Israel.

Hamas, with its charter to kill every single Israeli man, woman and child far more brutalizes its own citizens on a day to day basis and creates more legitimate deep seated fear by their citizens of Hamas then the citizens of Gaza would ever have of Israel were Hamas not there to actively and deliberately trigger Israeli sanctions and attacks.

Even with Israel’s own need to seriously reconsider elements of its own military and political strategies – and there are a number of points to be addressed in this regard – Israel does not, for instance, place its citizens on rooftops with full knowledge that this same roof will soon be destroyed. Israel also strongly tends towards response rather than initiation despite a legitimate need to consider proportionality

While the Israeli settler movements need to be greatly reigned in and dramatically neutralized, this also pales in comparison to Palestinian government sponsored ‘murder tunnels,’ random missile and mortar attacks, ongoing attempts to kidnap Israeli citizens and deep seated anti-Israeli disinformation and historical revisionism all in active collusion with a European core who remain deeply invested in the full destabilization of Israel while keeping the Palestinians fractured, disoriented and focused on internecine annihilation and political destruction.

Abbas thinks he can unilaterally ‘legislate’ an independent Palestinian nation while continuing to issue wild threats, ignoring his own electorate and becoming greatly enriched as a result.

Hamas murders and terrorizes its own; seeks to engage in ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Israel and makes sure that the long suffering citizens of Gaza have no respite solely to push its own genocidal agenda.

While Israel provides its own contributions to this chaos and struggle particularly through its own amoral hard Right wing, the primary enemy of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are their own disconnected, ultimately self-indulgent and wholly corrupt leadership in collusion with a European core who are invested in and clearly want to see Israelis and Palestinians continue to kill one another.

Much of Europe would be far less tolerant of and less willing/able to deal with a true Palestinian State at an equal international level than would Israel regardless of whether the House of Commons votes to boycott Israel or Sweden offers useless and tendentious statements that presume to recognize a Palestinian ‘nation.’

While some are more sincere than others, much of this European ‘concern’ for Palestinians is little more than manipulation and hypocrisy with Abbas perhaps hardly aware that he is just a suckered proxy in Europe’s use of Palestinian – Israeli dynamics to keep Palestinians confused and engaged in their own deadly in-fighting while continuing to torture and nullify Israel from a far.

In fact, while I’ve been composing this blog entry for TOI, I took note of a just posted commentary piece by Emily Landau and Judith Rosen which I’d recommend (

In it, Landau and Rosen wrote: “certainly the answer to this question (of ongoing efforts (to ‘delegitimize Israel’) is irrelevant to the urgency of Israel’s need to work toward a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel must labor to resolve the conflict not only because it is what must be done from a humanistic perspective, but it is also critical to Israel’s security.”  And to this statement, I will add that such a resolution is also directly critical to Israel’s future stability and viability.

To this end, I recently started to follow some of the writing through the Gatestone Institute though with the realization that it, too, has a very strong agenda of its own The fact that Gatestone is headed by John Bolton of U.N. and W Bush infam, and from whom I have yet to hear much of anything with which I’d actually agree means that the writing needs to be taken in context and with a grain of salt…or two.

At the same time, there is interesting piece on the site right now which I’d suggest folks take a look and is titled: ‘The Palestinian’s Real Enemy; Europe.’ Its take is also relevant to and consistent with a number of my own previously written thoughts.

That link is…..

Abbas is little more than a hapless proxy though happy to play along to maintain his functional ‘dictatorship’ over the West Bank along with his material wealth and sense of power to the exclusion of his own citizens.

His supporting cast in Europe (and elsewhere) are more than satisfied with the current state of affairs.

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