A War for Love

Dedicated to all of the soldiers that fought in Operation Protective Edge.1

Written by: Immanu’el (age 9) and Shalhevetya (age 7) Hermon

Illustrated by: Shalhevetya Hermon


One day, the Atzuvim (also known as “The Sads”) saw how much the Ahuvim (loving ones) loved each other. The Atzuvim became jealous about how much the Ahuvim cared about each other. The Ahuvim lived happily together. The jealous Atzuvim wanted to destroy the Ahuvim’s happiness.



The Atzuvim decided to fire sad missiles into the Ahuvim’s land. The missiles were fired all over until some of the Ahuvim began to get sad.


Some of the very clever Ahuvim engineers got together and made something called, “The Love Exploder.” The Love Exploder, or T.L.E., was designed to catch the sad missiles, break them using love rockets, then turn the sad into love. This caused love to fall onto the Ahuvim instead of sadness.


This made the Atzuvim even angrier and caused them to try out their new long-range Angry Missiles. These were no match for the T.L.E. Love was spreading faster than ever all over the land of the Ahuvim.


The Atzuvim tried Cry Bombs, Frown Gas, and Worry Bullets, but the T.L.E. exploded them all, causing smiles, happiness and love among the Ahuvim.


The Atzuvim became so jealous of the Ahuvim’s togetherness and joy that the could not bear to see them any more. So they moved away from their land, allowing the Ahuvim’s happiness to spread wide and far.






About the Author
Husband, Father of 7, marathoner, unicyclist, patent attorney, home-brewer, scribe, photographer, ex-pat American, Israeli settling the land, attempted creative thinker and entrepreneur