A warning from Israel to America

Dear Americans,

I have an important message to you from Israel.

First of all, in the name of all Israelis, I would like to thank the US – and especially President Biden – for their unequivocal support for Israel in this extremely difficult time. It’s really not something we take for granted! This support is especially significant since we are in a situation of no real leadership in Israel.

In 2008, when Benjamin Netanyahu was the opposition leader, he said about our PM at the time, Ehud Olmert, who was a suspect in criminal investigations: “A prime minister neck deep in investigations does not have a moral and public mandate to make fateful decisions for the State of Israel. There is a real and not unfounded fear, that he will make his decisions based on his own personal interest of political survival, instead of national interests”.

Unfortunately ever since the investigations of Netanyahu began, (already seven years ago!) he has done everything in his power to demonstrate the truth of his own warning. This has been especially true for the last year, ever since his government announced its “legal reform” program, which aimed to remove any legal restriction from the government while crushing the separation of powers in the country – an act that would let Netanyahu cancel his trial.

In response to this “reform,” many Israelis announced that they will stop volunteering for their reserve service – on the grounds that they’re not willing to serve a non-democratic regime. This included over 1,100 pilots in the Air Force, which is the most important branch of the IDF’s strength. Naturally, our enemies recognized this internal crisis as a propitious time to plan an attack against Israel.

Netanyahu received countless warnings regarding this risk from the IDF’s intelligence and other security agencies – as well as warnings about the substantial damage the “reform” would cause to Israel’s economy – but he still chose to go and pass various undemocratic legislations, choosing, once again, his personal interest (the ability to cancel his criminal trial through them), over the good of the State of Israel.

Unfortunately and tragically, the warnings of the security agencies came true on the morning of October 7th. Since then, Netanyahu consistently focuses his efforts on removing any responsibility from himself by spreading despicable conspiracy theories through attack dogs from his party and biased journalists, about “traitors” from within the IDF and the leaders of the protests against the “reform” who enabled Hamas’s attack. Although hard to believe, it is already clear to more and more Israelis that Netanyahu himself is trying to thwart another hostage deal, because a deal means the end of the war – and the end of the war means the overthrow of his government. Moreover, because he has to remain in office to avoid justice, he is also unable to fire his government’s extreme and dangerous ministers from the extreme right – a fact that led Israel to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, “thanks” to their irresponsible and inciting statements.

In November 2024, the most important election in the world will take place. This election will determine in which direction the world will be heading. As an Israeli with a bitter experience, I have a message to all Americans: If you are considering voting for a candidate who is facing criminal charges, for the sake of America and the whole world, I have one word for you – DON’T.

About the Author
Adam Jonsson is an Israeli-Swedish attorney, who divides his time between the two countries. He is very anxious and worried for the fate of global democracy in general, and the Israeli democracy in particular.