A wedding for truth

Today I am attending a wedding. I was not personally invited to this wedding, but I am going nonetheless.

Usually, weddings are incredibly happy affairs, filled with hope, promise and young love.

This should have been the case for Sarah, a beautiful young bride. A few days before her wedding, like all young brides, Sarah was thinking about her man, her rock — and of course her dress and her make-up, and everything else about that fairy tale event that every young girl looks forward to her whole life. To be walked down the aisle by her parents, to leave her old home for her new one.

While she was at home daydreaming, a half-smile on her face, the rest of her family was on their way to her husband-to-be’s family, a last occasion to spend time together before the big day. Chatting happily as the car wound its way down a quiet road, her family were suddenly cut down by a storm of bullets, as lifetimes of innocent dreams, hopes and stories were cruelly crushed in a split second.

A bride sat at home, with a smile on her face, unaware that on her wedding day, instead of being in her crisp, brilliant white wedding dress, she would be sitting on the floor, mourning the death of her beloved father and brother. Murdered for being Jewish, in their own country.

This is the wedding that I will be at tonight in Jerusalem, because Sarah and Ariel, the young bride and bridegroom, invited the entire nation to their rescheduled wedding. Instead of despairing, they quoted the prophets in their new invitation, declaring “Do not rejoice over me, my enemy, for I have fallen but I have gotten up”.

A whole country will come and celebrate with them. We will dance for a brighter future, for a new birth, for a brave young couple. We will hope for a time when these stories are not an all-too-regular occurrence, when we can just live, like everyone else in the world, without someone constantly trying to kill us.

Did you hear about this heartbreaking story?

Did you know that with the bride’s family lying dying at the side of the road, a Muslim “Red Crescent” (their version of the Red Cross) ambulance slowed down when they saw casualties, but sped away when they realised it was “only” Jews? The call of the bride’s young brother to emergency services as the attack unfolded is tragically recorded.

Does this make you angry?

Does the constant stream of lies make you enraged? Lies about “changing the status quo” or “attacking al aqsa”, or “apartheid”, or the numerous lies of Saeb Erekat, chief Palestinian “negotiator”. Constant, hysterical, ridiculous lies. Parroted automatically by “BDS” supporters, extreme left- and right-wingers, and unfortunately, many in the Muslim world.

Does the predictable anti-Israel sentiment in places like the New York times make you angry? (If not then read this).

We are relentlessly attacked by evil, and when we look to the world for support, for succor, for common sense, we find none. We are judged, we are condemned, and when there is an expression of sympathy, it is always “balanced”, “maybe both sides are wrong”, a “cycle of violence”, or “all sides should show restraint”.

I can’t stand this anymore.

Now even more so, as on a daily basis, young brainwashed and radicalised Muslims are going berserk and randomly stabbing Jewish civilians of all ages. At bus stops, at malls, anywhere they can.

They are attacking us because of their poisonous, murderous, backward ideology that they are force-fed in an uninterrupted stream from cradle to grave, through teachers, imams, politicians and social media. An ideology that will not accept the other, that will not accept anyone but their own. Same for Paris, same for Belgium, same for Iraq, Syria and Nigeria, and, let’s be honest, many major conflict zones throughout the world. With nothing to do with occupation, or lines, or right and wrong. Our crime is just being.

Usually those in Israel trying to spread the truth wait for a major war to explain themselves, to stand up. Enough waiting. Let’s stand up for that truth, now.

The more that the truth is revealed- that Israel is on the side of Good, of Life, of people just wanting a better life for all — the more the forces of evil and lies get more radical and more hysterical.

Listen to Mahmoud Abbas the “moderate” Palestinian leader: “They (Al Aqsa and Church of the Holy Sepulchre) are ours… and they have no right to defile it with their filthy feet. We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem… We bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah, Allah willing. Every martyr (Shahid) will reach Paradise, and everyone wounded will be rewarded by Allah”. This is who we are up against; this is who the world wants us to negotiate with. Remember, he is considered a moderate.

Where are the honest men and women of the world who see a brave people who just want to live. Where are the people who will shout out against the lies and hysteria, no matter how unpopular, how revolutionary, even if it means going against the grain and what’s “accepted”, who will stand for the truth!? This applies to all faiths and peoples, including Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Jews.

When one sees those trumpeting “Death to Israel” and “Free Palestine”, when one sees flags grotesquely equating Israel to the Nazis, when one encounters those disproportionately criticizing our State, those brushing our fears aside, those arrogantly thinking that they know what is best for us, those that support our enemies, those unable to say the words “Islamic Terror”, those who fail to stand eyeball to eyeball with the truth…this is the time to stand up.

The lies and liars will die away like the last sputtering embers of a night fire as the dawn of truth breaks. It is incumbent upon all lovers of truth to pursue this truth, to spread this truth, a truth of freedom and tolerance but more importantly of justice and courage.

Attending a wedding tonight, one which I wasn’t actually personally invited to, is my first step in standing up for Truth. What’s yours?

About the Author
CEO of retruster.com, protecting companies from email fraud. Made Aliyah from Cape Town, South Africa. Served as combat soldier in IDF's Nachal Brigade.