Allyson Altit

A Wonderful Cry

To hear her cry was all I wanted, and then it happened, simultaneously they cried, my daughter and her new baby girl.

As I write I reflect on just a few days ago and the excitement still overwhelms me. I had a hunch that this past Sunday was the day for the biggest event of our lives thus far-no doubt. The most delicious doll arrived, one day earlier than expected, she was excited. She secretly told me so, from my daughter’s belly, a few days prior:) We used to chat often, actually, I believe she heard me whisper through the belly and I definitely felt her energy. Suddenly it happened, when my sweetheart of a son-in-law called me at 7 a.m. and said, “good morning,” he had such a perk in his voice, and I heard him smiling. Well, it’s not every day that he does that and certainly not at 7 a.m. Of course, I knew, yet-I in turn asked him what was going on. As he proceeded to tell me that my baby girl was in pain with contractions, and the time has come for me to get going over there-I jumped up and said-“don’t have the baby without me, we’re on our way.” I told my husband we need to speed on over to the hospital a.s.a.p., first and foremost, because I was going to have the biggest privilege of my life. I would be on one side of my daughter and my son in law on the other for the birth. When I entered the maternity area and made my way to my lovely daughter’s room, I heard a woman in agony down the corridor, but decided it wasn’t my daughter. It was when I entered the room did I see and hear the pain she was in. It had been my daughter that I heard down the hall. Of course, I remained calm, but at the same time, could hardly bear to hear her cry out in such agony. However, my baby showed me what it is to be a brave and strong and focused woman at this significant time in our lives. Simultaneously, my son in law also revealed calmness and control all the while that he talked my daughter through those hours. They were a team, and they let me be a part of it all. How lucky am I?

After hours of coping with contractions and riding the storm of pain and new feelings all over her body, my daughter was ready to deliver the most wonderful gift in the world. The midwife was a gem, her experience and her calmness was quite comforting. She nonchalantly announced to my daughter, when she came back to check out the situation, saying you’re going to have a baby now! It was in that moment that I saw, what I now know to be the crowning; I truly didn’t know for sure that I was seeing a precious little head trying to pop out!!! My daughter began to work so hard, and all I could do was put my hand in the back of her head along with my son in law and help to hold it up a bit. Watching my daughter’s face turn colors, I didn’t know who to worry about first, because I also kept seeing the top of a darling head trying to enter our world. My eyes went back and forth, from new baby to my baby. I worried for both babies, of course.

The midwife allowed a moment for my daughter to catch her breath and then remarked that one more round of pushing was needed because she was also actually able to touch that precious little head each time it peaked out. Suddenly it happened, my daughter made up her mind too, and with all her might she helped her baby’s entire head pop out-and I saw it happen!!! A miracle! Her precious little body followed and instantly the baby cried out, announcing to us of her arrival all by herself, along with her new mommy-they both sort of made the same sound-a loud cry of joy that I had never heard in my life before. It was the most wonderful and beautiful cry that anyone could ever imagine hearing. What a moment, such elation, an experience that will forever be etched in my mind, and I will continue to recall it forever and ever as long as I live. As I relished in the loving moment my daughter and son in law shared, I was also counting ten toes and ten fingers, and everything else about this living doll that was in front of my eyes. Thank God an infinite amount of times, everything was in place.

Baruch ha Shem, we became a grandma and a Saba, an incredible role to be given-my husband and I will be forever grateful.

I have heard about being a grandma from many people that surround me. Nobody could ever truly describe the well of emotions that have bubbled up inside of me. The feelings are ones I have never felt before, and I’m soaking it all up. It’s as if I’m in a new life, a life with a grandchild is simply a dream that came true. The tears of happiness are still falling from my eyes every time I see our bundle of joy and also at just the thought of her; I maintain a smile on my face that nobody can take away. My gratefulness for this precious blessing will never ever end.

The kvelling that I usually do, is typically done in a private way-deep inside my heart and my head, but not now. At this time, I too want to cry out loud. This is all I could ever ask for at this point in my life-to be able to kvell over this milestone, what a privilege indeed. I can stare at the sweetness of our doll face forever and still not get enough. The bonus is that I can also witness the loving tenderness my daughter displays as she cuddles and loves her baby daughter.

About the Author
Allyson Altit is from New York. She has worked in the travel industry for over 30 years as a leisure specialist. Her area of expertise is in European destinations and Israel. She has been involved with charity work for the Hadassah organization as well. In 2009 she graduated from Queens College majoring in Jewish studies. She has just completed writing her first novel...
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