A world without Israel

When we see all the anti-Semitism around in the world today, it is a scary thought to think there was a time when Israel didn’t exist.  And sadly, through thousands of years of persecution, we have witnessed the direct effect of there not being a Jewish country that not only protects its citizens who live within its borders, but also looks out for those Jews who live outside its borders.  We have seen pogroms and persecution and the Shoah – and for too many years, the Jews were a defenceless people.  I do not doubt for a second, that if Jews around the world were in serious distress and direct danger, Israel would help – somehow, they would find a way.

However, it is not just Jews that Israel helps.  In earthquakes, tsunamis, natural disasters – Israel is often first to arrive, setting up field hospitals and saving lives.

But what if the clamouring masses we see demonstrating against Israel’s very existence somehow succeeded – what would the world look like?  If, somehow, Israel became Palestine and its people dispersed once again – how would life change?

There would be celebrations in the Arab world undoubtedly, and many countries would privately think:  Shew, finally, we don’t have to worry about that annoying little country anymore.

But the day after that – what would happen?

Palestine would become a democracy – for maybe 3 minutes before in-fighting and assassinations attempts begin.  Fatah would fight with Hamas, who’d fight with Islamic Jihad, who’d fight with the Sunnis who’d fight with the Shiites.

If they ever made it to an election, it would be a sham – perhaps a one party system in the interests of stability, you know…  Whoever became president would become president for life undoubtedly – which could be very short in the Middle East.  There’d be massive posters of the president, covering the sides of building – a typical trademark in any dictatorship.  And of course, all the great champions of the Palestinians’ cause would flock to the newly established country, only to be stopped for immodest dress.  If there were any people among them who were gay, they’d quickly be arrested.

Freedom of press would be non-existent and all press reports would need to go through official Palestinian government channels to be deemed “acceptable”.    The United Nations would take a huge hit with two thirds of the staff being laid off.  I mean, without Israel, what would the UN do with itself?  And as for the UN Human Rights Council – they’d be in a state of confusion and would walk around in a dazed state.  Without Israel to condemn, what could they possibly do to pass the time?

In their attempt to remove all traces of the “occupation”, all the thriving businesses, factories, scientific parks would be torn down, as was done in Gaza.  Development of Microsoft operating systems and Intel chip designs would dry up – as Israel is currently a massive technological development hub.  We’d be stuck in Windows 8 for the next 20 years!  Not to mention that a lot of medical research would simply cease, as again Israel is a world leader in medical research.

And of course, it would only be a matter of time before ISIS made their mark – and without the Israeli military there anymore, the last remnants of Western civilisation would simply crumble into the dust.   Europe and America would become the new front line against terrorism.

How can we be sure that Palestine would be like this?  I suppose we only need to look around the Middle East at the other 22 Arab countries as a benchmark…

And as for the Jews, well… we’ve already seen the effects of not having a country of their own, but could they, this time, rely on the goodwill of the world to protect them and guarantee their security?

I believe history has already answered that question.


About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.