A world without Women’s Day

One day, we won’t need International Women’s Day. Here’s how the world will look when that happens:

  1. Pop stars and actresses won’t have to get naked to get noticed.
  2. Hillary will be treated first as a presidential candidate, then as a woman; she will do this with a hair and make-up routine similar to Bernie’s (if she so desires).
  3. We won’t have to publicly shame get-refusers. Jewish women will decide if and when to divorce, independently of their husbands.
  4. The news will not lead every night with a different senior policeman/actor/politician/army officer accused of raping/assaulting/harassing women in his charge.
  5. A shirt produced for an IDF unit.
    A shirt produced for an IDF unit.

    Shirts like this won’t exist – especially in the army.  (The text isn’t worth translating.)

6. Fashion retailers won’t apologize for featuring a living legend of the women’s movement. (And on a positive note, here are some fabulously inspirational quotes from Ms. Gloria Steinem herself.)

7. Poor women and refugees won’t risk rape or trafficking when they migrate in search of a better life.

8. “Feminist” won’t be an insult.

9. Women won’t have to apologize for wanting to work and have children.

10. Men will do everything women can do.

Until then, happy International Women’s Day!

About the Author
Born in Canada and living in Israel since 2003, Melanie Takefman writes about life in Israel, herstory and cross-cultural identity. She is currently working on a book about women and migration.
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