Adam Borowski

Abduction and abuse. Disturbing worldwide pattern

We’ve all heard of human trafficking. We usually imagine a shady guy standing in a dark alley somewhere, his victims bound and gagged in a white van. While this stereotype isn’t without merit, human trafficking is much more complex than that.

Most of us think human trafficking can’t happen to us. We’re good, upstanding, citizens. We can defend ourselves. We don’t go to shady places and we don’t deal with shady people.

Well. Child abductions in Ukraine show clearly human trafficking can be state-sponsored. We are all potential targets. And not just children. Adults, anyone.

Ask yourself: what’s happening to Ukrainian children (and adults) in Russia right now? Russians – being Russians – are going to tell you that a) Ukrainian children (and adults) are Russians to begin with; b) they have been rescued from the Nazis; c) they have decided to go to Russia voluntarily. I guess it’s the same logic as Russian liberation. They do liberate you, alright. From life.

Sure, there are cases of adults and children who have gone to Russia voluntarily.

But, in 99% of cases, Ukrainian children and adults have been abducted. Taken. What’s happening to them, right now? They are used as slave labor, brainwashed, beaten, their identities are being forcibly changed. Some are sold off to brothels, some end up in Russian households doing G-d knows what there.

Now, let’s remember China. Have you noticed how some people, including highly influential people, just vanish from time to time? Some people are never found. Some mysteriously reappear, usually with all the right views.

What surprises me is how rarely we ask the question: where the hell do these people go? Some vanish for months, even years. What’s happening to them? If they are being brainwashed, re-educated, who’s doing the re-educating?

I’m talking about VIPs, not regular citizens barely anyone cares about. What happens to the ones who never see the light of day again? Bear in mind China is running illegal police stations across the world. Anger the CCP and be taken to China (extraordinary rendition), regardless of your citizenship, or social status? Is it possible? I wouldn’t be surprised. Some of you are going to say: but there are passports, airports, you can’t just abduct someone like that. Call me callous but something tells me it isn’t a problem for regimes like the CCP.

Then, there’s North Korea, infamous for its abductions of foreigners on foreign soil. What happens to these people? Again, no one seems to know.

Women from Arab nations chased across the world because they have dishonored their family. Sometimes, they are forced to go back to their country, facing an agonizing death.

Afghanistan withdrawal. A disaster on so many levels for human rights.

Iran and forced sex changes. India and (hopefully marginal) hijra (eunuch) gangs abducting carefully chosen men to be castrated and forced into financial and sexual servitude.

And ISIS, of course. Some say ISIS isn’t Islamic. Well, ISIS published a magazine written in excellent English where the terror group explained – in detail – why all they do is indeed Islamic. They adhere to the doctrine and the doctrine – perfect, divinely inspired (more like demonically inspired) – is all that matters. In any religion, all that matters is the doctrine. How people interpret it, that’s another matter. If the doctrine says/commands to do something, then it isn’t radical/fanatical to do it.

The list can go on and on. Again: what the hell is going on here? It’s focusing on the darkest, marginal, aspect of humanity, you say. Are you sure? Try again. It’s way more widespread than you think.

Israel is the most tragic case. People abducted from their homes – Israelis who are well-trained, well-aware of the dangers, who live in well-protected homes. Sadly, I don’t believe these hostages will all be killed. Many will be used and abused because we’re dealing with mentality straight out of the middle ages.

Imagine a similar scenario happening somewhere in Europe, or the US. It would be catastrophic. Impossible? Think again. I’d say it’s increasingly likely.

As terrible as wars are, the disturbing pattern of abducting people is way scarier.

Write an article in a well-read newspaper criticizing some regime and you’re likely going to end up on a list, not as their priority target, of course, but you’ll be on the list. You might think, ”Oh, who cares what little me has to say?” You’d be surprised.

I used to think only the most powerful people in the world are at risk of such brazen abductions and attacks. Not anymore.

All it takes is one psycho who – for some strange reason – decides you need to be killed/abducted, whatever.

And believe me. There’s no shortage of psychos in this world.

Sometimes, it’s better to be a bit paranoid than naive.

We’re faced with, not even medieval, but ancient, evil. It’s been with us for thousands of years and now it’s staring us in the face and asking us, ”What are you gonna do about it?”

Exactly. What am I gonna do about it? I can’t do much. I’m not a head of state who commands armies. I’m not the CIA Director (not that the CIA is saintly, mind you).

When, rather than if, Russia tries to attack Poland, I’m sure Russian propagandists and Russian people will be cheering in Red Square. I don’t even hate them. I just feel nothing when I think of them. It’s beyond hatred. They don’t even deserve my hate, and hate of millions of others, for what Russia has been so brazenly doing. Besides, there are no words to convey the level of my disgust when I think of child abductions, rapes, and that Russian holier-than-thou genocidal pride. If you do decide to strike Warsaw with a tactical nuke, I’ll just be laughing. Violence and savagery is all you’ve ever known. You’ve stolen practically everything you have from others. I’d say shame on you but most of you have no shame.

Your national anthem ought to be ”snapping selfies over mass graves, oh da, we love it.”

When I took part in Russian language workshops in 2008 in a seemingly prestigious Russian school in Moscow, I was taken aback by the terrible bathroom in my apartment. Then, the chaos, no one knew what was going on. This is your Russkiy mir you want others to have? No, thanks. I used to think Russia has great potential. Now I see just how wrong I was.

Yes, no nation is without flaws but you, Russia, you are the worst there’s ever been. North Korea is a perfect ally for you. Congratulations on your diplomatic prowess.

I wouldn’t mind crossing over to a reality where defeated Russia is a US-puppet state and cheerleaders with pompoms made of dollars prance around Moscow. Victory Parade is canceled. Patton was right.

But we are where we are.

All I can do is ask the Creator of the Universe for help. I rarely do it so openly but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

Dear Lord, I pray.

I humbly ask you to hear me.

Please bless all the heroic Ukrainian children who died in battle with the Russian occupier. I salute every single one of them. For that genocidal act alone, may you be cursed, Russia.

Please give strength to Israeli hostages who are now suffering greatly.

Please bless all the Russian heroes, killed, martyred, imprisoned and terribly abused in Putin’s prisons and gulags, for standing up to the terrible regime, even if just by speaking out. They are true Russian patriots, the ones we ought to respect and help if possible, especially Russian children against the war, so mistreated, maybe even killed, by Z-Russians.

Please bless the Russian resistance, battling the regime from within. If their intentions are pure, if Russia ever has a chance, it’s with people like this at the helm.

I humbly ask you to do something about Vladimir Putin, who has likely started a chain of events leading up to world war 3. Yes, my dear Russians. By invading Ukraine, your President has likely started a catastrophic chain reaction leading up to world war 3. I don’t know if this was his plan, or not, but that’s where we’re headed. No negotiations can stop it.

Please do something about Dugin, the malicious manipulator who uses others to do terrible things (kill a Yank, Dugin? Why don’t you do it yourself, manipulative coward preying on feeble and impressionable, minds?). You talk about human rights being a nuisance – be careful because it means human rights don’t apply to you, either. But you haven’t thought of that, have you? Deeply disturbed individual. When, rather than if, Poland is attacked by Russia, you and your deranged daughter will be cheering. Scum of humanity.

Please do something about his demented daughter, Daria, who wanted to get rich and famous by encouraging genocide of innocent people in Ukraine, and beyond, while pretending to be one of the ”good guys.” She’s dead but death shouldn’t let her escape your judgment. Her smug selfies snapped near places destroyed by the Russian army, where Ukrainian civilians suffered so much, are the perfect example of what’s wrong with Z-mentality. Just another Nazi accusing others of what she, herself, represented. Adolf Hitler would’ve been proud of Daria’s ideological zeal.

Please do something about lunatic Lvova-Belova, responsible for misery of countless Ukrainian children. She talks about helping abducted Ukrainian children without an iota of shame. Typical Russian genocidal brazennes. A perfect psychopath.

Finally, please do something about the entire security apparatus of Russia, responsible for starting the disastrous war in Ukraine by using NATO expansion as an excuse, the war which could consume the entire world in a hellish fire of hate. Russian elites who are living large, sending their kids to international schools while children around the world are dying because of Russian elites’ actions.

This is an abomination, Lord.

I pray.


About the Author
Adam Borowski is a technical Polish-English translator with a background in international relations and a keen interest in understanding how regime propaganda brainwashes people so effectively. He's working on a novel the plot of which is set across multiple realities. In the novel, he explores the themes of God, identity, regimes, parallel universes, genocide and brainwashing. His Kyiv Post articles covering a wide range of issues can be found at