About last night

My life is so colorful. I mean really. I have embraced my inner badass and have accepted that I may be just a little different.

Okay so I got back on the that damn Tinder app because of my fabulous co-worker that lives in Tel Aviv and is such a balagon (gam ani). I have to thank him for this silly post because he gently reminded me why I made Aliyah which is to be free and fearless.

I came to live my life so..

I jumped on the app the other day and it was like I never left. A few swipes later and wow, a date. The date stood me up at the local restaurant (don’t cry for me just yet)  but that is where the table turns or depending on who you ask, the wheels fall off on the night.

Quick disclaimer

I am not a casual sex person at all. It is so not my style but when you are given another chance at life you tend to throw the rule book (yes, every woman has one) out of the window.  Anywho, while I’m waiting on my no show date (I’m so happy), I see one of the guys that I always vibe with and I suddenly remember the old yoga proverb (snaps fingers).

I realize that the Sexy in me honors the Sexy in him.

He is tall with that manicured Israeli beard that I love and a red haired sexy Gingy too. Boom. Okay where was I?  What’s up he says. All good I say (in Hebrew of course).

This moment was different than all of the other times that I (why did it sound like I was about to read the four questions) have seen him. His approach. His swag. His energy. He was determined to win the race and so was I.

Most of the time I go to the restaurant I go with a guy friend or my friend’s husband (both fluent Hebrew speakers) so everyone assumed I was a couple.. #wrong

Today, he actually asked me where the guys were and also asked if I was zooged (coupled). I laughed the most bitchy  hearty  laugh than ever before (I laugh when nervous but this was just plain mad scientist laughter) and said no. Next thing you know I am getting dessert and tea sent to the table and at my weakest point in the dinner (as if the red wine wasn’t enough) he goes for it.

He walks up and simply states that he wants me. (Clutching  my pearls.) Slicha, I say. Can you please repeat what you just said (I  heard him the first damn time)?  Mah atah omer (what you say)? He repeats it slowly and closer to my face. And then he sold me.    אני רוצה אותך. I laughed because he speaks no English so if I didnt understand Hebrew, I would have been in trouble (too late).

Damnit, if you can make me laugh you have me.

         (I want you too)

At that moment I realized that these Israelis have the chutzpah of all chutzpah.

Call me I say..

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